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subscription expired in advance

subscription expired in advance

Hi, i've subscribed April 14th , spotify premium , but today (May 4th) my account is set on Free. Why?

6 Replies

A similar thing happened to me. A payment for premium was cleared by my bank on 5/3 but my account currently shows only as Spotify free. I've done all the troubleshooting they suggest on their website, nothing was helpful. That's alot of money to add up if they do that to people the world over - not cool!

any way to contact support directly? 

I'm trying to find that out now, but there doesn't seem to be any direct way to contact support. I'll let you know if I find anything. So far all of the folks that have listed that it's annoying how there is no direct way to contact a support team didnt have enough "likes" to there idea to have it responded to? And so it was closed, by what I assume is a support team member. SO ANNOYING! 

I've found this page on facebook . Search for  SpotifyCare

Thank you .  and good luck to us ^^

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