Help Wizard

Step 1


Ask if you’re going in the same direction


“Hi! Big fan”, ugh, you can’t believe you just said that.... You finally get the words out “Where are you guys going?”.

“To the Neon Lights Venue”, one of the band members says from the backseat.

“So am I”, you quickly reply.

“Get in then” another member replies, as you open the door and get in the car.



You can’t believe it. Your favorite band is performing at the secret gig, and you’re in the car with them. What is happening? The band drops you off just around the corner, as they continue to the back entrance.


As you arrive at the club entrance, you see your friend. “What’s the matter with you?”, your friend asks. You’re struggling to find the words to explain what just happened moments ago. “Can we go inside and find some seats? My legs are already killing me”.