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Backstage Intro

Backstage Intro - Meet Mihail!







Hey everyone,


This month we're very happy to introduce @MihailY , who is one of the new additions to our Moderation team. And a pretty awesome one as well! 


Misho, tell us more about yourself: 


  • I’m 35 and I’m a proud father of a 2 year old girl. I really like fixing things and figuring out how they work. I used to draw quite a lot when I was younger and since I completed a degree in Furniture design, that evolved into a passion for creating stuff for my home and for my wife’s handmade gift shop (mostly lamps and candle holders).


Wow, a real craftsman, absolutely wonderful! How did an artisan like you come across Spotify?

  • I honestly can’t remember, all I know is that I went from having no idea what Spotify is to using it 24/7 in a heartbeat.


Speaking about beats, if your life would be a song - what song would it be?


  • Definitely this one: 




So life is a mambo for you - that's great to hear! What about a week's playlist - with a song for each day of the week? 


  • I’ll just share 7 songs I’ve listened on repeat recently:



Thanks for sharing these cool tracks with us. Where would we be without the music so sweet...but we know there is one thing that also deeply touches the heart - food! 😄 What would you say is your favourite dish? 

  • A big juicy grilled ribeye steak makes me feel like a million dollars! 🍖💲


We all know that feeling...but what makes you really, really happy?

  • Immersing myself in an activity that I’m good at to the point where I lose track of time and space


And of course the most important question of them all - coffee or tea? 🍵

  • Definitely coffee. I really hate the taste of burnt coffee residue though, so I only drink it once a week after I thoroughly clean the coffee machine


Yes, a lot of us have that little special moment with their coffee. What you say was one of your most special moments in life so far? 

  • To avoid being corny 🌽, I won’t tell you about the day my daughter was born. Instead I’ll tell you a weird story from roughly 20 years ago. Me and my friends were at a Black Sea summer resort and I had to leave 1 day earlier. One of my friends really liked a girl we were with there and the last night of the vacation when I was 300 km away, I suddenly felt the urge to message him (note that we didn’t do that very often as it was expensive back in the day). I sent him “Go for it!” and it turned out he received the message right when he was about to kiss her 🌟💋

What a magical story! Life has it's own way of making things whole. Looks like right now it led you here. What would you say brought you to the Community?

  • The promise of an endless stream of technical issues and the chill work environment to troubleshoot them in peace. Was not disappointed.

That's real music to our ears! And last but not least - can you tell us what are your hopes and dreams, goals, aspirations and inspirations? 


  • I guess I can’t avoid being corny this time 😃 I dream of a world where everyone has found the above mentioned immersive activity and spends most of their time in it. You don’t need much more to live a good life!

Thank you, Misho! It was a real joy talking to you! 


Thanks for sticking around, folks! Stay tuned for the next Backstage Intro coming soon. In the meantime, if you're a Star wanting an introduction, feel free to reach out to one of the Mods to let us know. We'd love to find out a bit more about you.


Welcome on board @MihailY, great choice of music... 😉


A lot is to come! It's good to know that our constellation is growing! 🤗🕺🏻🌟


Welcome! Happy to meet you @MihailY !


Thanks everyone!