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In Our Headphones

In Our Headphones: August 2022


Hello everyone, 


As the summer is coming to an end, it's time for the last In Our Headphones Mix for this season. 

We know it is tough to accept that August feels like the Sunday of the summer, but I bet y'all ready for pumpkin spice lattes & bonfires, aren't you? They are just around the corner! 


This month we're starting with @Kiril 's choices for August 2022 :
Why did you choose this song, Kiro? 

"Well, this is a really great song and album by Asian Dub Foundation, an alternative band that I enjoyed in my school teenage years before knowing they have also their roots in reggae music. ‌‌ Also the title of the album really fits as it's called Community Music...recommend it from top to bottom!"

Binge listening to an Australian rock band, that he recently discovered, was one of the main activities for him throughout the whole month too.


It all comes down to the fact that reggae music just makes him feel relaxed & calm.  Check out those, guys! You're not gonna regret it! 

Continuing with a song that @Jeremy has been listening to a lot lately He shared that this song touched his heart the first time he heard it. Not only because it's one of his favorite artist's songs, but also the song itself gives him vibes from his origin. 

I admit it Jeremy, I started dancing the second time I heard it! 💃


Moving on with @Emil 's pieces of art below:
Here is what he said about this song. " A friend (who's in a band) played Confidence Man while on route to a concert of his. Suffice to say, this track was on point, we cranked it up and enjoyed how well it fits the mood. I since listened to a bunch of other tracks and they all have a nice beat with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor sprinkled throughout."


Emo has been listening to a song that used to be his favorite in his teenage years a lot lately too. 

Then we have @Yordan 's music tunes, 

We all know Dan doesn't normally listen to such music, but he admitted that this song made an instant impression! 

His second choice was - 


I can't help but share his response when I asked him why he picked that song: 
"Alright, I'll admit it. I have an unhealthy obsession with this band, but I just can't help it. Every time the tempo slows down and the guitars start chugging I'm filled with this uncontrollable rage that I want to wreak havoc. The drummer Tim (who also takes care of some of the vocals) bashes his drum kit with such fierce force, and in turn so do I my legs/desk as I attempt simulate his snare-hits. To say this band is violent would be an understatement - it is the embodiment of hate."


How can you beat that? 


You’re probably wondering what @Nikola is listening to recently? 
Masters of Reality - he seems to be craving for new music and trusted what Spotify App suggested to him and .... was pleasantly surprised (of course)!


He also can't stop listening to a song that his friend sent him.
Yes.... these bad boys from Sweden are gonna’ have a lot of success! 

Last but not least he added: -  dirty fuzzy distorted guitars, groovy riffs and fried vocals. What’s not to like? 


Next up we've got some recommendations from  @Xenia :  - She said that this song has totally fitted her mood for the past days. Along with: - that also had her hooked right away. These two emotional tracks perfectly capture how she feels lately. 

Xeni is probably not ready to say goodbye to the last summer days too and 

she also shared with us a track with awesome chill vibes, perfect to relax and enjoy the sun. 


@AlejaR got interesting suggestions for you too :

She is into the song of a band, that a friend showed her recently. The kind of tune that you just can't stop listening to on repeat.

She's also been listening to a very special heartwarming songs this month.
The one that reminds her of her beloved grandma. 

along with a Colombian-Mexican movie soundtrack  that is perfect to sing when you're alone. 



This month @Vasil decided to offer us his favorite song created for the Devil May Cry game series (which apparently is another thing that he enjoys a lot): 


This song is dedicated to one of the game's main antagonists - Vergil, the brother of the main protagonist Dante.
Vergil and Dante are twins, offsprings of their human mother and Sparda, the legendary demon knight, who once rebelled against the demon emperor Mundus, seizing control of the demonic world for humanity's sake.
When the brothers were little kids, their father disappeared for an unknown reason and Mundus used the opportunity to exact revenge on everything and everyone Sparda cared for, including Sparda's family.
Dante, who was separated from his brother, was saved by his mother, who had then gone off to find Vergil as well, but had unfortunately met a tragic end instead.
Believing himself to be abandoned by his loved ones, Vergil lived a solitary life in a constant selfish pursuit of demonic power, often clashing blades with his brother Dante, whose main objective was eradicating the demons instead.
Like every good character, Vergil is far from one-dimensional and is easily one of my favorites. 


This 10-minute piece of art is dedicated to one of the game's main characters. Feel free to enjoy or maybe check out the game too! 


That's all from us for this month! 

Enjoy the full In Our Headphones playlist here: