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New Music Friday

July 29, 2016 : New Indie Albums Worth a Listen


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July 2016 - New Indie Releases


New Music Friday : July 29, 2016


Viola Beach Future Generations
Viola Beach Future Generations
Origin : Warrington, England Origin : Bronx, New York, USA
Genre : Indie Rock Genre : Indie Pop-Rock
==> Formed in 2015, the band's final lineup consisted of Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe, and Jack Dakin. All four, along with their manager Craig Tarry, died in a car crash in Södertälje, Sweden, on February 2016. The announcement of this debut album was accompanied by a statement from Viola Beach's families. ==> Debut album of this young American band formed of Eddie Gore, Mike Sansevere and Eric Grossman - who first met in the dorms of Fordham University – and fellow Fordham graduate Devon Sheridan. “When we first all met, we were in that practice room. And we actually recorded something when we were down there for the first time,” recalls Eddie. “So, our first recording was when we first met." (from Frenchkiss Records)
Billy Talent Descendents
Afraid Of Heights (Deluxe Version) Hypercaffium Spazzinate (Deluxe Edition)
Origin : Ontario, Canada Origin : Manhattan Beach, California, USA
Genre : Alternative Rock, Punk-Rock Genre : Punk-Rock
==> Fifth studio album of the Canadian band known as 'Pezz' from 1993 to 1999. They were existing for almost a decade before begin to gain some mainstream success with their debut album in 2003 under the name 'Billy Talent'. ==> Seventh studio album of the Californian band who started on the road in 1977. Since this date, several reformations have occured. This last one, active since 2004, is actually the fourth with only the drummer Bill Stevenson as orginal member.
The Bouncing Souls Zodiac
Simplicity Grain Of Soul
Origin : New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA Origin : Germany
Genre : Pop-Punk, Punk-Rock Genre : Stoner, Hard-Rock
==> Tenth studio album of the four piece American band formed in 1989. Actually signed on Rise Records.
==> Fourth studio album from the four piece german rock band. "Grain Of Soul ultimately succumbs to one thing only : a timeless collection of songs from a band that seem to have found their ultimate artistic freedom." (from
Trim Beaty Heart
1-800 DINOSAUR Presents Trim Till The Tomb
Origin : London, England Origin : London, England
Genre : Alternative Hip-Hop, Grime Genre : Indie electro-world-pop
==> Active since 2002 with many mixtapes and, "despite limited commercial success, Trim has won much praise and a cult following for his eclectic subject matter, beat selection and delivery." ==> "Formed at Goldsmith College in 2010, Beaty Heart are an eclectic, neo-psych-infused four-piece with a heavy world music and electronic pop vibe. Originally conceived as an audio-visual art collective, the quartet eventually morphed into an all-out pop ensemble." (from
Owen Jordan O'Shea
The King Of Whys The Friday Night Film Club
Origin : Chicago, Illinois, USA Origin : Oxforf, England
Genre : Indie Math-Rock Genre : Indie Pop-Rock
==> Nineth studio album of Owen, solo project of Mike Kinsella one of the dominant and influential figures in the Chicago indie scene, having led the band American Football and been a member of the bands Cap'n Jazz and Joan of Arc. ==> That kind of discovery which makes your day. Second studio album of this unknown British artist defined like this on bandcamp : "This is the soundtrack to a film that only exists in Jordan's head, this way he knows the cinematography is perfect. If you want to view this film, close your eyes, listen to the album, and make it up yourself."