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What The Stars Are Listening To! - May 2017


Welcome everyone on board! I'm your flight's captain and I'm glad to announce you our exciting menu that our awesome Stars have prepared for us!






Salad or cheese slices? None! We are offering something way better! Please enjoy this beautiful EDM song thanks to our awesome chef @KatesHere!



Main Course:

I know, I know. We are all tired of the classic "Chicken or Beef?" That's why we decided to make a massive change by adding in replacement a delicious rock meal!

Thanks go out to our cool chef @Stereochromatic!




Last but not least- Actually, possibly one of the best picks I've seen (I literally just added it to my fave songs playlist!)

Instead of Ice Cream or a Fruit Salad, this flight's menu has got this awesome alternative rock dessert!

We owe this beautiful closure for our menu to our master chef @Bittencourt!



Well, ladies and gentleman, that's it for our Specialties menu! You can stop by at the playlist to see if you can find anything else you'd might like!


As always, it's a pleasure to have you on board!