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What kind of Premium user are you - Online or Offline?


No, this isn’t a personality test if this came to your mind first. 


I’ve been meditating on this since the first day I joined the Community team and I’ve always wanted to see what other Spotify users think and what listening habits they’ve developed after subscribing for the Premium service. I also think a discussion as such would give me a whole bunch of new ideas on how to get the best when exploring Spotify’s endless possibilities for finding new music or playing it in diverse ways. 


The gist of it is, I think a lot of people get Premium to either use the Online features or the Offline ones. Or both, of course. If you think about it, which one is to be chosen fully depends on one’s lifestyle and everyday dynamics.


I’m not saying nobody uses both equally, but I still have the feeling most users focus on either offline or online features after buying Premium. 


For example, the radio is unthinkable without a nice Internet connection. Same applies to our favorite Automix feature. And let's not forget just the ability to use Connect with a bunch of cool devices.


On the other hand, for me there’s nothing more peaceful than a mobile phone or tablet keeping you company on a plane or in the mountains where no Internet connection is available. This is where you only rely on what you’ve downloaded, but still can listen to hours of music and even find new items for your Liked Songs if you downloaded content you’ve never listened to but you wanted to try out. Not to mention offline mode gives your battery a longer life.  


What do you folks think? Tell us about your listening habits and favorite features in Offline or Online mode.