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Add all albums/songs of an artist to a playlist

Add all albums/songs of an artist to a playlist







Operating System

Win, Browser, Android, Apple


My Question or Issue

How can I add all songs from all Albums of an Artist to a Playlist?

Alternatively: is ther a way to make an automatic playlist "all songs from all artist in my library".

... or do I really have to click every single album to add it to a playlist? 🤢

2 Replies

Hi there @DäLudds,

Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


You can add Albums to playlists by opening an album and clicking the 3-dot menu and selecting Add to Playlist. This will add all songs from the album to the selected playlist. 


You can also add all songs from and album to your Liked Songs. If you want to like all songs in an album, tap  (iPhone) /  (Android) on the album, then Like All Songs. Liking an album with the green heart button doesn’t automatically like all its songs.


You can follow Artists but there is no way to add all their discography to a playlist automatically.


Hope this clears thigs up. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.



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Hi Alex,

thanks for your try to help.

I had found that myself, but that needs a lot of clicking, if the artist has published many albums.

It does not add the albums that the artist releases AFTER i have added all his albums to my playlist / like-list.

Anyway, I guess I'll cancel my account anyway: Spotify seems to need so much Bandwidth, that I can hardly use it at home (northern Germany: approx 1 MBit/s, ask Deutsche Telekom, why.)

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