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Add all liked songs to spotify playlist

Add all liked songs to spotify playlist

Since spotify shuffle is mostly broken, I got to into a habit of adding all songs to a new playlist called "everything" and then using external randify service to shuffle it for me. I have about 1k songs in my "liked songs" list. 

The problem I have now is that 

a) trying to select all songs to add to the playlist is an exercise in frustration. if i use the windows client, ctrl-a selects only the top 100 songs. If i scroll through the library (presumably to get the other songs to load) then when ctrl-a it selects most of them, but not the ones in the middle that i guess i scrolled through too quickly. i have to SLOWLY scroll through the entire list so that songs load in the ui and then selecting everythign works

b) the songs that are no longer available are not shown in the playlist (from which i delete all songs before re-adding from liked songs, because liked songs change over time) but they are still there. When i look at that playlist in randify, i see many copies of these unavailable songs, and spotify always says that i keep trying to add duplicate songs to the empty playlist.

c) when trying to log into this forum to post this message i had to use incognito because spotify website got stuck asking me to verify my email (that is already verified and there is no indication how to actually verify it)

d) all of this would be unnecessary if there was an option in preferences to just turn off all the "smart" shuffle functionality that does random things depending on how you have your playlist sorted and/or if youve scrolled through enough of it to load all the songs


would be great to look into all of the above as having so many obvious bugs is not great for reputation of such a big company as spotify

1 Reply

Hey there, this is a good idea! To submit it as an idea to the idea submission board, go to this link here


I hope this helps get your idea out to the Spotify devs and they can add the ability to export your liked songs!

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