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Add missing cover pictures to Artist's "This Is" playlist

Add missing cover pictures to Artist's "This Is" playlist

I've noticed that some artist doesn't have any cover picture for their "This Is" playlist and i'm asking myself if this may be possible to add some to the missing ones at least for the biggest trending artists (for the linked picture, this is the case for Meek Mill's and Polo G's ones).

Thanks you for taking the time to read my topic, 

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Hi there @kiiapo

thanks for reaching out !


I would love to help but i'm not sure i understand the issue here.

You're saying that for some artists the "This Is" playlist cover is missing but as shown in your pic they aren't.


In addition i've run the search myself and was able to find all them with their covers attached correctly.


Could you please elaborate more or provide pictures showing the issue ?


Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

Hi there,
Yes, that's what Itried to say but i didn't get the best examples. In order to illustrate my statement, I've attached some of the artist's playlist for which the cover doesn't appear with their face like this is the case for the most of the artists of my previous post, but appear as a list of the tracks cover.


So, I just want to know if spotify could replace this sort of "list of the tracks cover" by artists pictures.

Hope you understand what I try to mean, have a nice day,




Hi @kiiapo,

thanks for your cooperation !


This is an officially made playlist cover by Spotify.

Unfortunately, this official playlist covers aren't changeable.


However, you can always read more about the "Ideas" section of the community, use this Spotify answer to post one and raise this to the community.


Hope this helps 🙂

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