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Album loops to beginning repeatedly

Album loops to beginning repeatedly

During playback of albums, with no shuffle or loop settings enabled, the up next queue will correctly display that the next track to be played is the next song in the album. However after a while, sometimes Spotify spontaneously decides that the next song should be the first song in the album and the queue resets to the beginning of the album. I have screen-recorded this behaviour, where it happens after adding a song to a playlist, not sure if that is the cause.  The behaviour might also be related to casting/playing on a different output device but this has also happened when playing music on the selfsame device. 


Very frustrating.


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This is happening for me with playlists too. The queue looks fine but playlists will spontaneously start at the beginning (multiple times, I’ve counted 4 times in about an hour before). Double checked that loop and repeat are not enabled (turned them on and off just in case). 

The issue persists when playing an album (not  a playlist) even with with Settings > Autoplay similar content turned OFF.

* Spotify Version under Android 14 on Samsung Galaxy Smartphone SM-A546E
* Spotify Version under ChromeOS  Version 122.0.6261.137 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Lenovo Ideapad Duet 5

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