[All Platforms][Developer] Spotify should not politicize. It should be about music.

[All Platforms][Developer] Spotify should not politicize. It should be about music.

Spotify used to be a platform for music for everyone to equally enjoy. However, spotify follows the general societal trend of politicizing and polarising every aspect of our daily lives despite being a music platform. The creators force their views on the community by applying controversial rules or simply putting political messages on their main pages that not everyone might agree on. They also promote musicians they prefer because of their political views, but suppress musicians with differing political views - even if they are part of the general democratic spectrum.


Spotify should be about music, and it should include the whole political spectrum - not only the preferred viewpoint of the creator.


Furthermore, it should try to take a mostly neutral stance and provide music, not politics. It should not be an amplifier or instrumentalized for political messaging, it should be a platform dedicated to music. It should never suppress any artist from expressing his art, with the sole exception of direct calls for violence or persecution of a group.


Note that I am german and this has nothing to do with US politics. I am speaking in a general sense.


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I agree on this.

After the "Black Live Matter" thing caused a whole bunch of people to complain in the forum about Spotify suddenly invading start pages with a non-removeable(!) bar full of music that is not related to preferences, but is only display because of political stuff.


Now the same s.... happens again with that whole #withrefugees garbage. I'm done. This music, is once again NOT AT ALL related to something I want to listen to, not even something that I might want to listen, based on my preferences. Purely based on some arbitrary political world-stuff that is happening, but is irrelevant to my music libary.


I'd like... no, I demand an option to unsubscribe those unwanted "recommendations" (which sounds terrible, considering that it's not even remotely a reasonable recommendation) or hide them once and for all.


I could even live with a "dismiss" button, which I click once in a while, whenever Spotify rolls around with some other arbitrary reason to stress my nerves. That way, I even get a good chuckle (because it's basically comedy at this point) before banishing it for good.


Surprisingly, despite the uproar caused by the BLM madness, we've not seen ANY response or statement from Spotify whatsoever. I'd really like them commenting on that and even stand by the stuff they do, taking responsibility for that, when asked.

please give me the ability to not see any podcasts of any topic from bunnies to spaceflight,   I can use any number of podcast apps for that



Its complicated when spotify its part of it want it or not. what they are doing its just put it at the fron so you kind of know what its going on. 

I know when we arent affected we might see this as intrusive but its help sensibiliza people about what going on. 

Agree. Not everything should be about everything. Sometimes music is just music.

My post especially critisizes the fact that spotify actively promotes politicians or musicians that they prefer because of their political affiliation or their ethnic background. You can see this in the Trends page. Also, the platform enforces (in german) controversial rules like gender-grammar. It also deletes music. This is not okay and also it can't be accepted, as in our society, artists are free.


Totally agree! Also, they promote this music in a non-removable bar solely because of the ethnicity of the artist, which is absolutely unacceptable.


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