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[All Platforms][Podcasts] Lagebesprechung Podcast

[All Platforms][Podcasts] Lagebesprechung Podcast

The podcast „Lagebesprechung“ is made by Ein Prozent e.V., a society investigated by the German Verfassungsschutz (the „secret service“ to protect the constitution against threads).

It calls itself „patriotic“, but it's part of the far right movement that does not respect people if not German.


As long as this Podcast is free to collect donations for an actually blacks-hating society, Spotify's statement for Black Lives Matter was nothing but hypocrisy. Instead, you help nationalist make feel black Germans feel being strangers in their own home country.


I subscribed to Spotify thinking it was a company with values. But instead, we get protests against Spotify here in Germany due to it working together with fascists. Now you can show those values you state to havr by following this idea and limit the damage you've caused:


Ban hate-speech! Ban „Ein Prozent e.V.“!

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Sadly, with the "Kanal Schnellroda", there are also Götz Kubitschek and tre IfS, all fascist organisations under suspicion by the German secret service and banned by social networks, broadcasting on Spotify.

I really hope you find yourself and end that!

Spotify answered to another activist. Not to me.


They said they won't comment on the nazi music. Albeit, people find more and more bands, rappers - and generally music of the sadly established nazi scene.


As support didn't answer me, I ended my subscription on this nazi platform. I am very, very sad to have to do this. Spotify was my musical home.


But please do so yourself. We can change this and make it our home again!


Exactly what I am experiencing nearly every week...

Every week I have music with "nationalism" or "patriotism" in my weekly mix ...

Starting from the obvious right rock, mostly "NDS Records", as it looks a well known label for nationalism.

But also covering rap and other genres.


Sure, most of the time you can't block the whole artist if "only one song is against ... community standards" or they don't even publish the critical songs on Spotify, it is a shame they are still able to hint their worldview to discover more on other pages...


Sadly, there is no official list of right propaganda bands, labels or podcasts ...

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