[All Platforms][Shuffle] troubleshooting


[All Platforms][Shuffle] troubleshooting


I found the following in a Spotify troubleshooting article:

If you're not using Connect, we’d suggest trying the following steps on a desktop device:


  • Make sure that Shuffle isn’t enabled.
  • Go to any playlist and click Play.
  • Whilst playing, go to your Queue.
  • Click Shuffle on and off. Each time, check for any true duplicates or similar combinations. 

If you can’t find any duplicates or similar combinations of tracks lining up in the queue, the Shuffle function is performing normally.


I did this and I found a few songs that we’re queued in every time I toggled. Does this mean my shuffle isn’t working normally? How do I fix this? When I listen to my playlists, (Usually between 60-110 songs) I tend to get a lot of songs by the same artist in a row, like 5 songs by Yes and then a Gentle Giant and then 4 by Rush or something like that. I even get multiple songs from the same album at once. this a symptom of the original issue or something else? I’d like a shuffle system that was totally random, and if that means playing two or maybe three songs by the same artist in a row every once in a while, I’m fine with that. But it’s happening a lot more than that.


I’d like a bit more variety and a straightforward shuffle system and I’d like to know how it works. Thank you for your time.


p.s. While typing this I got 9 Radiohead songs in a row