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[Android & MacOS] Can't play track filtered in 'Liked Songs'

[Android & MacOS] Can't play track filtered in 'Liked Songs'

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Mobile : Xperia Z5 Compact - Android 7.1.1

PC: Mac OS X  10.14.6


In either Mac OS X or Android just go to 'Liked Songs' filter to select only a subset of the playlist and try to play.
Nothing happen.
This is working well on standard playlists but not on 'Liked Songs'. This happen since a week at least.



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Hey there @morvonez!


Thanks for reaching out. We'll be happy to help you further.


You can start off by logging out from your devices > restarting them > logging back in.


If your issue persist after that, could you let us know if you experience the same thing on our web player?


Have you noticed if there's a specific filter that hinders playback, like for example a certain artist or album? 


If it's possible to ask a family member or a friend to log in on your device to see if they get the same issue, that would also help is a lot with the investigation.


Keep us posted on how it goes. We'll be here if you have any other questions. 

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It is black magic.
I didn't do anything new, no logout/login or update AFAIK and now it works on all my devices. Even on the title I was experiencing problem yesterday.




Thanks for your help.
I will revive the thread if the problem happen again.

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