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Aphabetize Artists, Albums, Liked songs, Downloads, etc.

Aphabetize Artists, Albums, Liked songs, Downloads, etc.

Plan: Premium

Country: Norway


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I do not understand what determines the order in which artists, albums, etc are listed when I open Spotify. I often have to search for a long time before I find a certain song or artist. Is there, or can you make, an option to order all and any lists (within and outside of playlists) in alphabetical order?

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Hello @gelgjo

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

There are different sorting options available to organize your playlists, albums, artists and songs in playlists. 


It depends on the device you're using, so I'd recommend checking out this support article for more details on that. 


I hope it helps! 

Thank you for helping, all help is worth a double like! (Even though the solution doesn't really work on my phone, and even though the alphabetization of the artists' names are inconsistent from Spotify's side). 🙂

Hi @gelgjo


Could you share some screenshots of those inconsistencies?

And on which lists do you see them?


Keep me posted! 

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