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App is extremely slow at opening artists, albums, and playlists

App is extremely slow at opening artists, albums, and playlists







As the title says the app has become extremely slow at loading literally all forms of music. The streaming itself works fine on both wifi and mobile data, so it is definitely not a connection issue. I have restarted my phone, deleted caches, etc. Literally nothing has improved the app's atrocious performance. This started in June with the horrible new ui update. I have seen MANY people complain about the same problem yet it is still going unaddressed. Is there any fix for this problem that does NOT involve starting a new account? Because that is most definitely not an acceptable solution, especially for those that don't have access to the desktop version to make copying over our libraries easier. Even for those that do it is still not an acceptable solution. This should be fixed. Not swept under the rug like every other glaring problem the app has had since June. 

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Hey @datfenristho,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this! Sorry to hear your experience of the app hasn't been up to scratch. Let's see what we can do.


Could you try removing your offline devices by going here? Note that you will have to download you music for offline listening again.


If that doesn't do the trick, could you see if switching off any battery optimization settings on your phone or in a third-party app makes a difference?


Still nothing? I know you said that creating a new account is not an option, but, just so we can identify whether there is an issue with your account, do you mind logging into another account on the same device and seeing if it's still an issue?

Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

I have zero offline devices plus that link seems to be kind of broken. I also have no offline music whatsoever because on a previous phone spotify continuously undownloaded music, but still had space taken up by it which is another issue many users have had that was never fixed. I don't currently have access to another account to test whether it's my account or not, but that really doesn't make sense to begin with. Why would my whole account somehow be messed up beyond repair by an update that spotify pushed on us? Everything worked perfectly fine prior to June of this year.


If it's any help this issue seems to mainly affect android users. The other platforms, from what I've read, have either been fixed since June or only have intermittent issues with loading not constant ones. Library size also seems to play a part in the severity of the load times. People that have more liked songs and saved albums have a far less responsive app than people with only a small amount of music saved. Number of playlists seems to not have much effect though. I don't know if you can actually pass this information on to anyone that can potentially lead to fixing these issues, but if you could that'd be awesome.  

Hey @datfenristho,


Thanks for getting back to us with that info.


I've updated the broken link from my previous post now 🙂


Do you mind trying a clean reinstall of the app, making sure to clear all your app data in the process (it's step 4 in this support article - make sure to follow them in the right order)?

If that doesn't do the trick, we'd need to see if trying a different account on your device changes anything so that we can eliminate the possibility that there's an issue with the account itself. We have had cases of users with such issues which have been account-specific in the past, so it's worth a try.


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

Did the clean reinstall for a second time since yesterday, and no change still. I really don't have another account to sign into currently, so I can't test that. It's genuinely absurd that spotify can somehow mess up the accounts of tons of people just by changing the app interface. I'll have to try and track down a previous version of the app at this point because people have no issues after they switch back to an old version of the app. Which really leads me to believe it's not actually an account problem. It's just easier to tell customers that than actually fix what they broke.


Sorry if I seem uncooperative, but tons of issues were introduced with the June overhaul and so far none of them have been addressed. Even though there's been at least a dozen "updates" for the app since then. It's all just very irritating and makes spotify as a whole appear extremely incompetent. 

Hey @datfenristho,


No worries - you can always get in touch with our Customer Support team here. They will be able to give you the details to a test account which you could instead.


We appreciate your feedback regarding the June update - we'll make sure to make the right folks aware of this.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help with 🙂

Was finally able to test somebody else's account, and SURPRISE it was also super slow at loading anything. Was slow on their phone as well. Now please stop writing this off as being tied to customer's accounts because it really isn't. Unless you want to tell me both our accounts and phones are busted? Which really wouldn't surprise me honestly with spotify's history of ignoring glaring problems with their service.


Wow now that I've tested it and proved you wrong you label my stuff as abusive ok. So much for you being helpful and actually doing your job.

@ Peter


You need to be fired, your lazy, dont understand, lazy. Cant seem to actualy see the issue thats been an issue since 2014


No matter how many phones i buy, apps i uninstall and reinstall, new accounts to be made. The End product is still the same,

A slow app that has many many many feeds on being slow.


I EVERYTHING downloaded, and it takes roughly 7-10 minues of LOADING on a the first opening of the app for the day and even throughout.


Another 3 minutes to load the playlists, abother few minutes to load all liked songs...


Now im only loading roughly 6gb of music

And COD MW is a 200 gb game that loads in seconds.... you really have somthing messed up here spotify


Also fire peter. He is the reason problems are put under the rug


And i hope you catch covid 19 peter 



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