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Best of the Decade For You question

Best of the Decade For You question






MacBook Pro

Operating System

iOS 10.14


My Question or Issue

Apparently these playlists were created by region. I go to school in Utah but my "region," especially in terms of music tastes, is the East Coast, DC area. There is nothing about my "Best of the Decade" playlist that matches my likes or my region. For example, there is a lot of country, a genre I don't touch. 1/2 the songs I've never heard before. Is there a way to get the playlist for a different region? Like literally any other region? Or am I just completely stuck because y'all decided to give me a playlist that wasn't tailored to me and chose a region without asking me? How difficult would it be to just offer the option of "If you change your region, you'll get a new playlist"? Unless that is an option, in which case, maybe you should advertise that.

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I'd like to know the same, however, my playlist is for whatever reason filled with Australian artists even though I'm located in the Netherlands (:

Hey all!


The more you use Spotify, the more it should appeal to your taste.


Be sure to check out the Made For You section and don't forget to try out the Radio feature.


Hope it helps! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

I listen to 300 songs per week, this is not the issue

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