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Can not stream Liked Songs.

Can not stream Liked Songs.






Galaxy s24 Ultra, Roku TV, Windows 10 PC, Google Play

Operating System

Windows 10, Not sure which version of android.


My Question or Issue

Liked song count 21,988 songs.   I can not stream my liked songs playlist.  I can play my liked songs playlist on my phone and my PC.  I can't not Stream my liked songs playlist.   If I attempt to stream my liked songs playlist from my phone, or PC, to a google max speaker or any other "stream device" it will play the first song and then not play anything else.   I have also attempted to play using the spotify app on my roku TV and it also does does the same thing.    

It will play on android Auto.   


I can play any other playlist without issue streaming but my liked songs will not stream after the first song.  

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Also if I just tell google to play my liked songs in my home it says there is an issue and does not play anything.

Hi there @thedarksyde,


Thanks for reaching out. 


We'd like to preface by saying that, while it's obviously feasible, having so many songs in the Liked Songs list can and most likely will lead to all kinds of performance issues. Most likely, the issue with Connect may also have something to do with the sheer size of your playlist as the devices aren't able to process all the information. Since you mentioned that streaming from either PC or mobile has the same effect, it seems the playlist is the culprit. If possible, we recommend downsizing the list as much as possible, perhaps by spinning it off into various smaller playlists.


When did this issue first occur? Was it after an update to the app or to the speaker firmware? Did it work before when the Liked Songs list was significantly smaller? If possible, try logging in with a different account and testing if the same behaviour happens. This will help us narrow down any other possible root causes and investigate further.


Let us know how it goes.

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Yea, no I waited so so long for you to remove the upper limit on song likes.  I came back when you finally did.   If you have an unlimited song list, then it needs to work for unlimited songs.  The error is presented in Spotify.  It used to work yes, so I am sure it has to do with the liked song size.  

I only have 225 Liked Songs and I'm experienced the same issue on my Galaxy S24. I've already deleted the app and reinstalled once which fixed it but I shouldn't have to do that every 2 weeks.

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