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Can only view "Liked Songs" Playlist when turning on "Ehanced" feature in app

Can only view "Liked Songs" Playlist when turning on "Ehanced" feature in app

I have been having a very strange issue with the app recently ( does not happen on desktop ) , the only way I can view my liked songs is to turn on the enhanced feature, if I turn it off, there are no liked songs appearing in the playlist. This is very strange and wondering has anyone else had this issue or know a fix? 

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Hey @lrishBloodHound,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. We moved your post from Chats to the help boards as its content fits better here.


The liked songs playlist should be available without activating the Enhance option. However, this type of issue is usually related to some damaged cache stored on your device from previous versions.


In this case, we'd first recommend performing a clean reinstall of the app by following the steps in this article. This is often an overlooked step, but it's more thorough than a quick one and can be helpful in getting rid of any cache that might be causing trouble.


If the issue persists, check if your device has an SD card. If so, remove it and try again.


Lastly, in case the issue is still persistent, include in your next response the make, model and OS version of your device, along with the Spotify version you're currently running to continue investigating the case.


Hope this helps. We'll be on the lookout.

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