Can't download new albums


Can't download new albums

Casual Listener

I've been using Spotify for a number of years now, and overall it's great but I'm pretty much at the end of the road now, will need to move to another service.


Forgetting the ridiculousness of the 10,000 limit that's not been resolved after years, I now can't even download new albums on the app to use on trips.


My library shows I only have about 9.5k songs saved to my, library but can't anything new it says I'm filled up. But even if I try to download an album that I have not saved to my library it also says you've reached your limit. Does it try to add it to your library just to download it for offline play??


I deleted all downloaded songs, cache, removed app, reinstalled, and same problem. Is there anyway around this? What a waste of a good app for the sake of some arbitrary song limit!