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Can’t search my library by song or artist??

Can’t search my library by song or artist??

This new update is terrible. The options in my library are: playlists, artists (which is empty), and albums. Where did songs go? I only like a few songs off an album and would often put the songs from my library on shuffle and let it play. Now I can’t find 80%of my songs. I don’t want to make playlists. My library was my playlist. The reason I didn’t delete my account was so I wouldn’t lose all the songs I’ve saved but Spotify just lost them all with one update.







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Hey folks,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Community!

We've been monitoring your feedback and will make sure it reaches the right teams. We always aim to improve and you can be sure that your voice will be heard.

Keep in mind that the new library UI design allowed us to remove the limit of 10.000 songs that could be previously saved in your library. This was one of the ideas with the strongest support in the Community and we're happy that it was implemented. If you have questions about the new design and how to navigate to your favorite tunes, we recommend that you check this Spotify Answer out. This one might also help you out, as it explains in detail how to save items to your music collection. 

We'll be closing this thread off for future comments in order to better facilitate gathering data on the topic as we aren't able to look into individual threads. If you would like new features implemented or a modification of existing ones, we suggest that you post in the Idea Exchange. This page has detailed instructions on how to do this. The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see how popular a certain idea is with our users and helps us constantly improve the app. You can learn more about it on this page.

We hope this shines a bit of light on the matter. If you have questions, you know where to find us.

Have a nice day.

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Hey @Guy20 , welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


Don't worry! You're saved songs are not gone. They can be found now in Your Library inside Favorite Songs.

Hope it helps 🙂

Fully agree with OP. This update is awful. The solution offered does not fix the problem. We want to view saved artists as well as saved songs. Help please!

It’s so ridiculous!!!! Sometimes I know there’s a song that I’ve saved that I want to play by a specific artistic but I can’t remember the name of it so I will search by artist I have saved and now that area is empty? wth??? And I don’t want all of my saved songs to be in a playlist!! I just want it to be a library where I can’t search them and I can’t  do that either and more than half of them have disappeared. FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!

99% of the time I’m going through my music by artist. Why would we take the way to search our music away? I have hundreds of saved songs why would I want to go through them all in one playlist? That totally defeats the purpose of this app. Might as well have an iPod nano at this point.

There can't just be a few of us annoyed by this. My husbands and friends looks how they used to and mine doesn't and I have no idea why. Not being able to search in songs is ridiculous or being able to look at artists (who is going to manually go add all their favourites?!) 

Please change it back to how it was. Or just add an "all songs" on the top.


Spotify broke their app.  How do you show a Spotify artist page with an “Artist” link on the My Library tab?  Even the Albums link shows my favorited albums; makes sense right, it’s what I favorited.  Oh I see, here are the artist pages for some of the artists you’ve favorited, please add some more so our artist page hits increase.  Thanks for wasting my time, I won’t be renewing my membership 

It looks like there is a playlist called "Liked Songs" at the top of the Playlist section in new UI. This has only songs I have actually liked/hearted. Does that help you at all? 


"Don't worry! You're saved songs are not gone. They can be found now in Your Library inside Favorite Songs."

No they are not. Only individual songs you LIKED go there. I have over 2000 songs saved and only 28 in that liked playlist. Sick of you lot lieing about**bleep** update.

Then i hear about the "Like all songs" option with the albums...but no THAT DOES NOT WORK EITHER. Just admit, they **bleep**ed up the UI and stop lieing.

This is the same issue I am facing. I ONLY listened to my music through the 'Albums' section, and now half of my albums are gone and the rest of them aren't even in alphabetical order (by artist or album)! That means I have to look through my entire collection to find an album if I don't remember the name of it. When I asked for support, the online chat person told me to go to liked songs and filter them through albums, which means that I can't see the cover art of the albums anymore (another way of remembering certain albums). I also don't have any saved artists so that option is out. Losing music is a very upsetting feeling, and I honestly feel as if I have lost something I have been cultivating and accumulating for years. Very, very disappointed. 

No it doesn’t help, I don’t want one massive playlist of unrelated songs, I want to see the music I’ve favorited by artist or by album, pretty basic stuff. I can’t believe your product team was allowed to change this basic feature out from under users. It’s outrageous. You are literally wasting our time. How long will it now take me to go back through all my favorited music to create artist playlists? Not one second. People are going to feel violated and rightly leave your platform.

Wow dude, I totally don’t work for Spotify or promote them or nothing; just a regular user like you.

I was just seeing if what I found in new UI, and helped my own frustrations, would help you. 

Sorry I posted at all. Geez. 

My apologies, thought you were a forum moderator.

As someone else already said, 99% of the time I am accessing my saved music by browsing the Artists view. Sometimes I don’t even know what I want to listen to, so I rarely use the Search feature unless I’m looking to add new music. I would estimate that I had over 300 artists in the Artists view, all with “Liked” songs and most had downloaded songs as well. Now, the Artists view displays just TWO artists (the ones I had “followed” when I first downloaded the app and thought that would be a useful feature), followed by a bunch of “suggestions” of artists to add, most of which were previously available to me from the Artists view. I understand that I didn’t “lose” my music, but now I have to scroll through 3700 songs to get to a particular song. This is not at all helpful. If anything, I would have liked another level WITHIN the Artist view that first shows the different albums I have for an Artist, rather than a flat list of all songs. For an artist like the Beatles where I have 10 albums, it is annoying that I have to scroll through 220 songs when I know the song I want is in a particular album. 

Note to Spotify: Notice how many of the comments in this thread are from ‘Newbies’ or ‘Casual Listeners.’ When people are joining the community just to complain about the new updates, it’s a pretty good sign you broke something significant.

Hi all.

I encountered this issue today as well, which frustrated me as all the *useful* UI sections seem to be taken away little by little. It's almost impossible to search for something now with a couple of swipes/touches, which makes the UI kinda counter-intuitive. 

When chatting with a representative, I was referred to this community post of getting the old UI back. It's for android, but I guess it's better to up-vote it there as there seems to be no rising iOS one. Please find the link below, hope we're all heard:

The "Liked Songs" playlist should hold all the music that you have saved in Spotify. Are you looking in the correct place? It should be at the top of the playlist tab, the background is a blue/purple gradient with a white heart in the middle. I think it is less about people lying, and more about there seemingly being a miscommunication here. 🙂 If you are still having problems with this or the "like all songs" option adding all songs from an album your liked songs playlist (it should), you might try a clean reinstall of the app and see if that helps. 

I think you’re missing the point. I’m aware of the “liked” playlist; a playlist with hundreds even thousands of songs depending on your library. A worthless playlist. There is now no way to listen to favorited music by artist without manually making a dedicated playlist. Spotify broke their app for page views of their curated artist pages. They just lost a customer and I’m sure I’m not alone. I’ve seen some stupid product decisions made in other apps but this one is the most egregious.

I'm not missing the point, another user was saying that people were lying by saying that there's a liked songs playlist, when there absolutely is. It's the same as what the "Songs" tab was before. I don't think it's worthless, many people like to listen to their whole library shuffled together, including me. 


That being said, I do agree  that the changes to the artist and album tabs are really illogical and frustrating. I hope they decide to change those back. 

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