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Can't see Your 2023 Wrapped - check out this guide

Can't see Your 2023 Wrapped - check out this guide

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that Your Wrapped 2023 isn't appearing for some users. There are a few possible reasons as to why this might be happening: 


  • You're using an outdated version of the Spotify app - your app needs to be at least on 8.8.80. If you don't know how to update your app - check out this help article for more info.
  • You're not eligible for Your 2023 Wrapped - keep in mind that not all user accounts are eligible for the Wrapped experience. Check out our FAQ for more info on that. 
  • You're not in a region where Wrapped is available yet. Keep in mind that Wrapped is not offered in all places around the world due to different criteria.
  • You're trying to open it directly in the Desktop app. Check this page out to see it on the Web Player or watch it on your mobile device.

In case you think all the requirements above are met on your end - we'd suggest that you post your details in this thread. Make sure to mention your device's make, model, OS and the exact Spotify version you're currently running. This way we can investigate this further. 



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388 Replies

Is wrapped available in Namibia? 

Hi, it says "We don't have your Wrapped this vear", is it because last few months I didn't have an active subscription? If so, if will it be available if I renew it right now or do I have to wait for a next year? Last year it was okay so o meet other criterias.

  • hi, ive had a spotify wrapped for these past 2 years but for this year it just says “we dont have a wrapped for you this year” can the spotify team tell me whats wrong?

im using an iphone 13 pro Ios 16,my spotify is updated and ive got a wrapped b4 so i dont think region is the problem 

I had a subscription whole year in Armenia region and listened a lot. Now it says that "we don't have wrapped for you this year", what's that supposed to mean?

Same here, during this year I cancelled and renewed my premium 1-2 times. Now I can't see my Spotify wrapped it says "We don't have your wrapped this year" (((

I had a subscription whole year in Armenia region and listened a lot. Now it says that "we don't have wrapped for you this year", what's that supposed to mean?




North Macedonia

Operating System

Windows 10/Android


My Question or Issue

When I went to go view my spotify wrapped I received a graphic with this message:


"You didn’t listen enough to get your own Wrapped this year, but you can find out what everyone else listened to most in this playlist."


Which I thought was insane because I have met the requirements ten fold for listening on Spotify, tracking my stats through other websites like Last.FM shows I have listened to a decent amount of music, more than even some of my friends who received their wrapped.


I've received Wrapped in previous years, where I am certain i listened to significantly less music than this year. It's truly sad that I don't have a wrapped, and it honestly might make me discontinue my Premium.

I'm aware premium/free has nothing to do with the legibility, but it's just disappointing.

Maybe it's from region. I also had premium in Armenia region.  This is second year I can't see my wrapped 


Mine says "something went wrong" Ive connected to wifi, used my own data, tried to update (its fully updated) and ive tried rebooting my phone. nothings working. My friends can view theirs so its not a region thing. i have the the new iphone 15, so it shouldnt be the phone itslef either. I dont know what to do.


Have you ever cancelled your premium and renewed it? Because I did and I think that's the reason.

is it available in mongolia?


i have iphone 13 and updated spotify to the latest version and it said “we don’t have your wrapped this year”

Same problem as a lot of Spotify users, "We don't have your Wrapped this year". I have been subscribed for more than 4 years, every month regularly and I listen to music almost every day on your app. If you can fix this problem because the whole point is at the end of the year to see what we enjoyed listening to.


waited for a whole year for NOTHING😭

i Swear i will kill myself i will literally fly out of thsi country if its a regional problem (mongolia btw someone check if its available there) literally grinded the song “dagger” by slowdive just for my spotify to act like a total wanker and not show my spotify wrapped CUS IT BE LIKE RHATT

girl im sqeating and stuff if it dont work i will jump of a damn building

I wanted to check my Spotify Wrapped but it said "We don't have your wrapped this year" and it appears I'm ineligible for the wrapped. I want to know WHY? WHAT makes one eligible or non eligible? I waited all year long for the wrapped and I am also a premium user for over a year now. I want this issue fixed as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

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