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Can't see Your 2023 Wrapped - check out this guide

Can't see Your 2023 Wrapped - check out this guide

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that Your Wrapped 2023 isn't appearing for some users. There are a few possible reasons as to why this might be happening: 


  • You're using an outdated version of the Spotify app - your app needs to be at least on 8.8.80. If you don't know how to update your app - check out this help article for more info.
  • You're not eligible for Your 2023 Wrapped - keep in mind that not all user accounts are eligible for the Wrapped experience. Check out our FAQ for more info on that. 
  • You're not in a region where Wrapped is available yet. Keep in mind that Wrapped is not offered in all places around the world due to different criteria.
  • You're trying to open it directly in the Desktop app. Check this page out to see it on the Web Player or watch it on your mobile device.

In case you think all the requirements above are met on your end - we'd suggest that you post your details in this thread. Make sure to mention your device's make, model, OS and the exact Spotify version you're currently running. This way we can investigate this further. 



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388 Replies

i am waiting i have been waiting i was born waiting i was born waiting FOR THAT SOMETHING??? GIRLLL I WAS BORN WAITING FOR SPOTIFY WRAPPED HOW DARE THEY LIKE ERM.. (mitski reference so real)(jeff buckley reference)


I've tried to open spotify wrapped both on my iphone x and desktop. Version of the app is version 8.8.92, and on my phone it states: "something went wrong.", and on my desktop too.

It says "no healthy upstream" I don't understand, I haved an active suscription all the year. 

I have the same problem as the other users: “We don’t have your Wrapped this year.” My app is updated to the lastest version (, I am using an iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 7.1.1. My subscription has been active throughout the year, however sometimes I got issues with my payment method and the payment was done one or two days later instead on the initial day of the subscription. Can you let me know if this is the reason why Wrapped is not available for me? If that is so, it is utterly stupid. I haven’t had this issue the previous year.


I can't see my 2023 replay. The brand of my device is Samsung M51, the version of the application is 8.8.90, my operating system is Android.

I have an error in both cases,m pc and spotify app on phone, it might be for the huge traffic of people on the platform?



Bruh fix this or I'm F-ing outtttt

Ho l ultima versione di spotify ma comunque mi dice che si è verificato un errore ho gia fatto più tentativi ma niente 

such a


i have that too (just updated the app to ver 8.8.92), and i’ve had premium since december 2021 (recived a wrapped then and last year too) (i’m on an iphone 11)

I’m having the same issue 😞


I tried all the solutions you talked about but still i cant reach my 2023 wrapped last year i was unproblematicly reach 2022 wrapped but this year i cant. 

No healty upstream diyor neden boyle acil cozun 

no me deja ver mi año en Spotify, cuando apretó y termina de cargar, me sale todo **bleep** y con un texto que dice no healty upstream.

When I try to view my Spotify Wrapped in the app, it comes up with "no healthy upstream" and I cannot view it. How can I resolve this? 

Hi, I keep getting various error codes when trying to access my wrapped:



upstream request timeout



500 Internal Server Error


followed by

Something's gone wrong.

Refresh this page or try again later. It may take some time to get things up again.




Both on Google Chrome Version 119.0.6045.199 (Official Build) (64-bit)


On the mobile app (iOS 17.1.1 updated yesterday, Spotify 8.8.92 updated today)

Something went wrong


On mobile web browser

500 Internal Server Error


followed by



upstream request timeout





I have cleared my mobile app's cache, and signed out of everywhere then signed back in again and no progress. 




Please can you help?

my spotify is updated, I have a huawei device. And I'm living in Turkey. I got my wrapped but I can't open it. It keeps saying that "no healty upstream".


so i updated everything and uninstall the app twice and nothing is happening. it is just loading and loading. sometimes there is a black screen and it says "no healthy upstream".

please help

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