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Can't unlike my songs, I have 28,828 songs

Can't unlike my songs, I have 28,828 songs

So I have 28,828 liked songs and whenever I like a song now it doesn't show up, so I decided to just unlike all but it doesn't work and they just show up. I even tried one at a time and albums at a time. Please help.




United States of America



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Windows 10


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Un-liking songs is bugged because of my 28,828 liked songs.

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You've probably done this already, but I'll just give a suggestion (NOTICE: THIS WILL NUKE YOUR ENTIRE LIKED SONGS PLAYLIST OR PLAYLIST IN QUESTION): Hold Ctrl+A and right click on any song in the playlist in question, while still holding down Ctrl+A, you can click on 'Remove from this playlist' and it will nuke/delete all the songs in the playlist.


Hope this helps! (Question, how in the **bleep** did you get almost 30k liked songs?)

Thank you for your reply, and yeah I already tried that. To answer your question I mass liked songs and now I realize how much of a stupid choice that was lol.

This probably isn't ideal, but the only thing I can think of is adding the songs you like right now to a playlist and play that playlist instead of the liked songs.

(Also way less ideal, but you can possibly wait till your Premium runs out, delete your account (along with the playlists with it), and make a new account).

Hi @Diamondcatcher!


If you'd like to keep your music with the exception of your Liked Songs, something similar to what @HalfNathan suggested would be to reach out to the folks over at Customer Support and request an account transfer. They can help you set up a new account and move the rest of Your Library there - just make sure to tell them to exclude your Liked Songs.


Note that when it comes to your subscription, you'll have to resubscribe to Premium again on the new account, as your Premium time cannot be transferred.


Hope you get this sorted out soon. The Community is always here if something else comes up.

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