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Cannot find certain kids audiobooks

Cannot find certain kids audiobooks






(iPhone 11pro)

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we cannot access certain kids audiobooks (E.g. Disney Dschungelbuch or Paw Patrol - die Fellfreunde). Friends in Germany with a premium account can easily access those audiobooks). 

would be great if anyone could help us






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Hi there @Matthias111,

thanks for reaching out !


Could you please let me know if you're able to find them using the app's search bar or if the content isn't available/greyed out ?


Any screenshots added in case you can see or search it might help.


Thanks for your cooperation.

Keep me posted 🙂

Hi OneByBoo,

Thanks for helping out! That’s much appreciated!

In your questions:

1.) I cannot find these audiobooks (the audiobooks are in German) via the Spotify search bar

2.) However, I can find them via google through my browser. However, if I click on them and am redirected to the Spotify app, the content is greyed out.

I’m an including an example below:

The audiobook is called „Das Dschungelbuch (das original-hörspiel zum film)“

I can find it via Google but not via the Spotify search bar. I am including two screenshots, on of my friend (who can access this audiobook) and my own one (with audiobook greyed our; after I found it on google).

Using the latest version of the Spotify app.
iPhone 11 Pro.
My Spotify app has English as language setting (same as my iPhone).
I’ve already logged in and out of Spotify app; I’ve changed language settings to German and back.

Thanks for your support!

Here are the screenshots


Die Inhalte auf Spotify sind länderspezifisch, ähnlich wie bei Netflix Lizenzen... Es hilft nur eine VPN, womit wir uns in eine Grauzone bewegen...
Deutsche Inhalte gibt es nunmal wegen der Nachfrage vermehrt im Deutschland.

Liebe Grüße und nicht zu viel Drosten hörn (er genießt die Aufmerksamkeit und redet momentan gerne, es erholt sich schon alles wieder... Corona wird auch bald vorüber gehen...) bleibt entspannt und gesund,

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