Cannot play entire folders anymore.


Cannot play entire folders anymore.


This seems to be a new issue with the desktop client.


As of today I am no longer able to play an entire folder directly, but only playlists. This is quite a big issue, since now I cannot mix several playlists together anymore and play them as one.

In the folder view the play button is still available, but does'nt do anything anymore. Same with double clicks on folders.


I am aware that this feature never worked on mobile.


Please fix this and stop removing features I use for once.


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I'm having the same issue on the OS X desktop app. This is a feature I use daily, I hope it's only a bug and a feature dropping..


Hey @iklemp and @Sonastra,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


It'd be great for you to read this support site article and follow the relevant steps listed in it to see if what you reported gets fixed.


If following the steps in the article doesn't do the trick, it'd be good to perform a clean reinstall and start with a brand-new as well as the latest version of the app. Take a look at this Spotify answer to find out how this procedure works for your devices.


Let us know how you get on. We'll look out for your reply!


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Hi @Mario,


This is not really helping. We can play music, we can play playlists, we are just not able to play a folder containing several playlists like we were before. 

The issue popped right after the last update earlier this week. I don't think re-installing the app will help since me and iklemp got the issue exactly at the same time so it's probably a bug on Spotify's side.

I will try re-installing, but it'd be nice to know if this was an intentional feature dropping from Spotify or only a bug ?


Thank you

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Re-installing didn't help as I expected.

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Hey @iklemp, it's back for me on OS X with the latest version. Seems like it was only a bug after all. That makes me happy 🙂