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Cannot play liked songs when main player is Xbox

Cannot play liked songs when main player is Xbox




United Kingdom 


Xbox Series X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Windows 10 Laptop

Operating System

Xbox OS, Android Pie, Windows 10


My Issue

Spotify refuses to play the liked songs playlist when playing through the Spotify app on Xbox Series Consoles.


Even when playing a different playlist and then remotely using the PC or mobile app to control the music and selecting the liked playlist will not work. It will be as if the buttons on the PC or mobile app are unresponsive, as tapping on the play buttons and individual songs will do nothing while in the liked song playlist.


You are able to remotely pick any other playlists, but not the liked playlist.


You can also copy the liked playlist into a custom one and this also works, but the automatic liked playlist will not play while the Xbox is the main player.


Other Spotify community administrators are trying to fob this off as the playlists are too big. I have 1779 songs in my liked playlist, I just want to be able to listen to my songs.


Stop trying to gaslight us and fix the issue.


How to Replicate Issue

Open up Spotify app on a Xbox Series console and press play on the liked songs playlist on the Spotify app on a Xbox Series console. It won't play. It will pause anything you are currently listening to, but will not play the liked songs playlist.


Remote play while the main player is Spotify on Xbox also will not play the liked songs playlist.




2 Replies

Hey there @user-removed,


Thanks for reporting this and the detailed explanations you've included. 


We've let our developers know about it, we appreciate your post as it helps us look further into this, but just as a heads up, we’re not able to confirm if or when this will be solved. 


Now we do recommend making a separate playlist and copying over the Liked songs so that they'd play on Xbox. Sorry for the inconvenience on that.


We also recommend keeping your Spotify app up-to-date to guarantee you get the latest improvements and fixes. Thanks!

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You guys have still not fixed this. Seriously, does Spotify actually do anything other than take our money?


I'm seriously annoyed about this. This hasn't been fixed for more than a year. Fix this!

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