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Cant sort my playlists anymore by artist or song

Cant sort my playlists anymore by artist or song






Samsung Galaxy 8

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I'm Extremely disappointed with the new Spotify update! Why would you take away the feature to sort the songs in your playlists by artists? or songs or date? ect.. Its such a basic and well used feature and its been removed!? why!?! 
Now my playlist are jumbled with my songs 
I'm going to have to look for other platforms after this crazy self destructive update what have you been smoking? 

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Same exact thing happened to me. Pretty ridiculous that they would just completely remove these small (yet extremely important) features from their platform... 


By the way, I tried to find an alternative to spotify, closest was Tidal, although their HiFi premium option provides a higher quality listening experience, their selection of artists/songs was pretty weak. Every other platform suffers from the same issue, a weak selection of Artists/songs. If spotify continues to release these trash updates, there might be no other option but to jump ship to an inferior platform with a better UI.


Get**bleep** together spotify, this is really pathetic coming from a company with the amount of subscribers you have.

It looks like people were experiencing this as far back as last year I only just received the update and it doesn't look like spotify has cared to make any changes about it. 
Its really disappointing I hope they make some changes soon because the spotify experience is ruined its like your being forced to listen on shuffle radio.  

If the issue is related to the new test then I suggest keeping the discussion in one thread.

I recently got the update too

Its a disastrous update I hate it so much. Now its so much harder to sort and create playlists because i cant quickly and easily sort my artists alphabetically its a joke! What a pathetic update!

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