Created a playlist with local files on desktop app, but the playlist remains empty on other devices

Created a playlist with local files on desktop app, but the playlist remains empty on other devices


I'm using a premium Spotify account, and am trying to play my local files (that I added through the desktop app) on my iPhone.

I followed all the instructions on this page explaining about playing local files throughout all the devices, but it's not working.


As you can see below, I created a playlist on my desktop app, added local files in them, and turned the "Download" switch on.



Then, I opened Spotify on my iPhone and found the playlist that I created earlier on my desktop app.

iOS - 1.png


However when I open the playlist, it's completely empty.

(The app tells me to add songs to the playlist, even though I've already added local files in them on my desktop app.)

iOS - 2.png


Of course, I have the playlist set to "downloaded" in my mobile app.

iOS - 3.png


When I try to play a song from this playlist on my iPhone from the desktop app player, a modal appears on my iPhone telling me to "Mark the playlist containing this song for Offline Sync on your computer or on this iPhone".

As shown above, the "offline sync (or 'download')" is set to ON.

Mac - 2.pngiOS - 4.png


Another interesting fact I found on my iPhone is that the device does recognize the number of songs (13 songs, with a "downloaded" icon showing as well) added in the playlist (even though the playlist itself "appears" empty when I open it on my iPhone app).

iOS - 5.png


I also checked a lot of the other threads, including the ones below, but decided to open one for my own as none of the solutions provided worked for me.


It would be appreciated if someone could provide me a solution (or even an idea) that will help to solve the issue that I'm having.


Thank you.

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I have the exact same problem. Why is Spotify not doing anything with this?


If the iPhone is unable to sync the files from your computer to your mobile device over wifi then it’s most likely a network configuration issue. 




same problem spotify plz fix


FIX! in the settings on your iphone there is a local files section too and that fixes the songs being greyed out.


Hey folks,

Just jumping in here to add some extra info to what @carter-915 suggested.

You should also make sure that on your desktop devices you have the options enabled to Show Local Files and Show unavailable songs in playlists activated. You can find them in the settings menu of the Spotify app.


If that still doesn't fix things, it's a good idea performing a clean reinstall using the steps here. it's possible that some of the apps files have gotten corrupted and are causing such issues.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted how you get on.

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I followed all the steps from this post and many others from admin but I still can't find a way to get the downloads onto my iPhone. I have all of the same looks as the original post and just don't know how to get over the hump. All the songs listed I have are either mixes or my own edits (cropping the songs and what not) and I don't necessarily want to listen to the official versions on Spotify, so figuring out how to truly sync them would be great.



Hey there @jacobberton,


Thank you for your post and for letting us know what steps you've taken.


Would you mind trying with another internet connection to see if the issue still persists?


Could you also confirm if your devices are connected to the same WiFi?


It would be great if you could follow these troubleshooting steps in addition to the above:

  • Add some songs from our catalog to the playlist as well as the local file/s and make sure they have ‘Show unavailable songs in playlists’ turned on in Settings
  • Play some music on the device that has the local files to see if it shows via Connect on the other device
  • Double check that the router supports the Bonjour protocol. If the router is made after 2005, it will likely have this protocol. The best way to handle this is to check the router make/model and Google it
  • Create a hotspot with the phone and connect the desktop to it (caution this will use 3/4g data).

Let us know how everything goes. We'll have an eye open for your reply.




On your phone, try adding any song out of the spotify database to your local files playlist. After adding, all of my local files were visible and downloaded on my phone.

I can't believe it took me this long to find this answer. Thank you so much.

Spotify, please fix your stupid f****** s***. How the f*** are we supposed to know that deeply buried at the bottom of the iOS settings, there is a whole separate menu dedicated to a *single* toggle switch which enables a feature that by all logic and rationality should be enabled by default, when your tacky tongue-in-cheek app says "just click download and watch it *magically* appear!"?
I'm so tired of your shenanigans. Step up, or I will switch back to another streaming service.


Turn**bleep** on 

IMG_4155 2.PNG
IMG_4154 2.PNG


alright i've tried every thing in every different order but it still won't work. it worked just a month or two ago then all of a sudden i try listening to a new local file that i put on and it comes up like it's about to play but just doesn't. the song can play perfectly fine on my pc. i've tried a clean install and everything for the last week. i'm not sure why this is happening all of a sudden. please help me out.

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