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Custom Songs not available on mobile devices


Custom Songs not available on mobile devices

I'm using Spotify Premium on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and my Asus laptop. Everything is up to date. My phone and my laptop are on the same wifi network and I've tried this with MULTIPLE different networks.

Anyway, my issue is that songs I import from my laptop usually only show up as grayed out and unplayable on my phone. If I can somehow manage to actually get them to be playable, they only last that way for a few days before becoming grayed out one by one. Then I have to fight with the garbage desktop version of Spotify to try and get my songs back on my phone. The playlist they're a part of is less than 300 total songs and I'm trying to get 12 custom songs to work.

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See the attached screenshots for app and phone specifications.


My files are appearing, and for an hour or two they'll work and play just fine. But then they'll be skipped if I'm playing them in a playlist and the song titles will be grayed out. If I go to force them to play, sometimes it'll tell me the song is unavailable, but if I select it again, it'll play. But if I select the song before it and then either let it change naturally or change the songs, it will be skipped.

Screenshot_20220426-075647_Google Play Store.jpg

Hey @Trash_Oracle,


Thanks for the device information.


What happens if you create a playlist only with local files? Do they get played as they should?


Does your device have an SD-card slot? Could you try to add the local songs to Spotify via the SD-card?

Talking about storage, we know we've asked you to check the app permissions before, but could you give it one more try and remove Spotify/mark it as an exception in the Samsung device care app? Same goes for the memory optimization. You can read more on that here


If you still get the same behavior after all of these steps, it's possible that the cache data that is saved for your account on Spotify's end is causing some trouble. You can reach out to our support team here and they should help with that.


Keep us posted,



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@Trash_Oracle try resetting the local file folder in your laptop (click "add a source" and click the folder where you get your custom music from).


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