Daily Mix 1 Changed to Daily Mix 2

Daily Mix 1 Changed to Daily Mix 2

I have a premium subscription in the US and am using an Android phone (Huawei).


This issue is across all devices and is I guess an account issue or a change that Spotify made.


My Daily Mix 1 until a few days ago was made up of most of the Kpop songs I listen to, but has since changed to songs from the sleep playlist I listen to at night. My Kpop list has become Daily Mix 2 but all the songs in that list are different from my previous Daily Mix 1.


Is there a way to change it back to the way it was?

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Daily Mixes are updated and ranked on a daily basis through algorithms based upon your listening activity. Your Daily Mix 2 has replaced your Daily Mix 1 because of your listening preferences.

Let me know if this helps.

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