Daily Mixes full of songs I don't like


Daily Mixes full of songs I don't like






(iPhone X, Macbook Pro 2015)

Operating System

(iOS 10.14.6)


So my problem is that las year I visited a friend and her full house of children for my vacation. I logged on to Spotify at her house and forgot to log out. No one realised anything until i got Your Year Wrapped 2019. My most played songs were children songs I had never heard before. So I logged out of all devices.

Now I can't get passed this because my daily mixes are constantly full of children songs. Can a log from this specific location from 2019 be erased or can I reset my listening history?

Can this be fixed somehow please?




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Hi @evahronn,


Thanks for reaching out here and welcome to the Community!


Right now, there is no way to manually reset your listening history and recommendations. But there's a relevant idea for what you're suggesting in the Idea Exchange here. Feel free to add your vote to it - it's the best way to provide your feedback for new features such as this one.


In the meantime, we'd suggest listening to your favorite music as much as possible and in time your Daily Mixes and recommendations will get better again.


The only alternative for an immediate fix, would be to start over with a new account. You can transfer your music collection to the new account following the steps here.


Hope this info is useful. Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with 🙂

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