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Delete an ALBUM from my taste

Delete an ALBUM from my taste






Samsung A03

Operating System

Android 13


My Question or Issue


Last week we used my phone to listen (on repeat for 2 hours) to an album I don't really like. I forgot to turn on "Private Session" before listening. And now I'm getting suggestions based on that album and I'm afraid this might also affect my Spotify Wrapped of this year.


Is there any way to delete the album from my history or something similar? I saw a similar topic concerning a playlist instead of an album, and in that case there's an option to exclude the playlist from your taste profile. I think there's nothing similar for albums. Would it be useful to create a playlist with the songs in the album and exclude it from my taste profile? Or does it only work from the moment you select the option onwards?


Thank you!


3 Replies

Hi there @bmth2001,


Thanks for the post.


What you can do in this situation is to keep listening to the music you actually like, with time, the songs similar to the ones from that album, will disappear from your recommendations. 


Adding the songs from the album to a playlist and excluding that from your taste profile won't work, as the listen from the album will still count.


There is no straight forward way to remove this album from your listening history, but if you don't listen to that music, your recommendations should update over time. It usually takes about a week or so, for your recommendations to change.


Hope this info helps.

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Oh, ok, thank you!

Exactly this. Why is the option turned on for playlists but not for albums. Would it be as simple as adding the album in question to my own playlist then excluding it? If I make a playlist called "exclude these" and throw any songs or albums I don't want to hear more of in there. Will it work? 


Seems pretty arbitrary to limit this feature to playlists.

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