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Deprecating Preview clips

Deprecating Preview clips

Hi everyone,

The Song Previews of playlists, albums, artist, track pages and Liked Songs were recently deprecated. Preview clips will still be available on any assisted curation and the Add songs feature under Liked Songs and playlists.

Your constructive feedback on this change is important, so don't hesitate to share it here! Let us know how you think the Song Previews could have been improved in order to provide a better user experience.

Rest assured this thread is actively being monitored and your input is taken into account by the relevant teams, so feel free to submit your suggestions below.


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174 Replies

I just can't afford the regular price nor am I a student but I love music and I love being able to see if I'll like an artist quick by previewing their songs. Now you can't even preview your own playlists except for the edit screen. I like to make mood/genre playlists of my own music but with 40,000 liked songs its much easier to do with previews than by memory. 

The public playlist (example hit list, pop rising, etc) is not showing the full playlist anymore when I try to click on view more. Even when I play the playlist I can’t see what songs are on it. I used to be able to see the songs on the list and remove what I didn’t like.

This is a very bad change imo. Not only does it not show album art(which I need in order to differentiate songs), it also removes a vital feature so I know which songs are what. Please, reinstate the preview feature for all playlists and other albums and such. This update might the the worst one since the removal of preview in add songs section.

I think it's safe to say that the majority of Spotify users do not enjoy this update. For starters, having two different screens you have to select to add and remove music is completely arbitrary. Not only does it remove the beloved preview option, but it makes playlist creation much harder. While this feature was probably implemented to encourage free Spotify users to buy premium, it's only going to isolate and frustrate them to the point of leaving. Please consider returning to the previous format. Like they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

The new update only allows you to edit playlists. Assuming this is a non-premium user thing. I want to listen to previews in my playlists. It helps me choose music for other playlists & recommend songs, as well as find new songs to listen to. Locking basic features behind premium needs to stop too! 

This is really mean to do to people. Previews are one of the best features & really help make a playlist. I already complained to Spotify about it. I hope it gets enough votes.

I wonder why it says edit instead of more in my playlists that I made. I want to know how to change it back.




New update killed the app entirely. Went from the best music streaming app (5 star app with no doubt about it) to complete trash (0 star if it was possible to rate so low).

This update sucks and many others agree as well. spotify on mobile is kind of unusable unless you have premium, which some of us can’t afford. so we think this new getting rid of previews should go or some of us might go and use other apps instead. i’m 

Last week if you had a playlist you had the option to see what songs you are having in and play forecasts. Now i guess in an new update you cannot do that ... the only thing you can do is put more songs .

Man I was shocked when I saw the new update I don’t like it at all because it makes it harder to manage your playlist because you can’t listen to previews or look at the cover art it is very unappealing 👎🏾

This is really stupid. The preview feature actually encouraged me to use Spotify. I would often use the preview feature to find new artists. I added many new playslists and artists BECAUSE of the preview feature. I have been considering getting premium, but if you play these kind of games with your users then I don't see the point. 

that’s what i was thinking. maybe they’re trying to make the app as inconvenient as they can for basic users so that more people buy spotify premium?

I would like the update to revert so on playlists I could preview songs, like songs and every feature that was once there because i want to make sure the aong i am finding is the correct one and that its liked and i could easily access it

The “And more” button on my Spotify has not been working for the past two weeks. I’ve tried logging out and back in, normal reinstall, and a clean reinstall and it is still not working at all. My phone is up to date along with the app. I don’t even know what to do at this point. I can’t see the songs on both mine and other people’s playlists. My current software is IOS 16.1.1

I was going to add a few more songs, but the "edit playlist" button above the recommend songs was gone i dont know how to favorite songs quickly, and its harder to find the songs. And i cant get the 20 preview songs anymore, which i dont really like because when i look up songs i cant preview the song to see if i recognize/like the song. i hope both of these updates aren't permanent or anything??

I had this issue a few months ago, and the solution I was given was to create a whole new account which did work even though I tediously had to transfer over each playlist song by song. Unfortunately this issue has returned and instead of the usual “and more” button on playlists it has been replaced with “edit” which means I cannot view the album covers or song previews, I can only see the song with a white circle with a minus inside. This is very frustrating: how can you discover new songs to add to a playlist if you can’t preview them? Now, every time I find a new song on Spotify I have to go to YouTube to preview it before I decide wether to add it to a playlist. Also, according to the moderator of this chat, song previews should be available under add songs, but they are not working and the option is not even given. 

 An attachment bellow shows what I see when I click “edit”


 When I click add songs:





i’ve been having this problem too! it’s very annoying!! please please! someone get this fixed! also, i can’t press “and more” whenever i try to see other people’s playlists to find songs to add to my own playlists 

Typically when making a playlist, I will search for other people’s playlists or for a specific song. I used to be able to click the “and more” button to see more songs or every song on the playlist. Now, I can’t preview a song or see any songs on other people’s playlists. Also, the songs on my playlists look very different and I cannot preview them anymore either. This is extremely inconvenient! Please help!






11 pro lax 

Operating System

(iOS 15


My Question or Issue

my spotify playlist doesn’t allow me to listen to preview of songs nor see the covers of the songs. now it just has a minus icon just allowing me to remove songs, it just says edit playlist every time i click onto my songs in my playlist. before it was fine but now it’s like this. any tips?

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