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Deprecating Preview clips

Deprecating Preview clips

Hi everyone,

The Song Previews of playlists, albums, artist, track pages and Liked Songs were recently deprecated. Preview clips will still be available on any assisted curation and the Add songs feature under Liked Songs and playlists.

Your constructive feedback on this change is important, so don't hesitate to share it here! Let us know how you think the Song Previews could have been improved in order to provide a better user experience.

Rest assured this thread is actively being monitored and your input is taken into account by the relevant teams, so feel free to submit your suggestions below.


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174 Replies

well, the results of the experiment was that everyone hates it, no one wants to buy premium, and we’re all switching platforms…so i’d say the experiment was a fail, aaaaaand they should put it back to normal 😌

This is possibly one of the worst features to remove. Please implement it again. Half of the time, the "and more" button doesn't work when I press it.


there was no reason to remove being able to preview songs at all from Spotify. I only use it as it helps me discover new music from random playlists, and since that’s gone there’s no reason to use it really. I’ll just go back to using an MP4 player or something.


Previewing music is the BASIC function of a music app and you’re paywalling it? Really? 


Agreed! Worse part is that you can't even view the songs on an artist's "This is ____" playlist (which usually lists the most popular songs).


Really stupid update, Spotify. Keep alienating your free users and they'll just continue to move to other platforms...

I dont like this and neither do a lot of other people. I think you should change it back it makes things easier 

My Constructive Feedback is PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS. Previewing Songs both when adding new songs to your playlist or just when viewing your own playlist were two of the BEST features that Spotify has to offer.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Consider Changing This Back 🙏🙏🙏

My Question or Issue

Hi, My Spotify has been accumulating problems every time it updates. My first problem was I could not view Albums and Top songs from artist as a whole. No previews, nothing. 


Updated, for a while it was fixed. I still had the free plan but It's like the Spotify on my Android phone was the same version on my iPad. Still had ads but I can view things, can select songs, and add to queue. 


Updated, reverted back bringing more problems. This time I could not preview songs in the suggested nor on any playlist. When I tap on a playlist it directly go to edit mode. Do I get to guess songs now? In addition, whenever I play my own playlist it plays the radio or suggested songs on it. Not even my own songs. 


Is this really the current state of Spotify Free plan?











Operating System

MIUI Global 13.0.4

Android 12 SKQ1.211006.001

This is probably the worst update ever. I used to preview new songs that were recommended to me or that were on my friend's playlist and that was pretty much how I expanded my music taste. And to have this feature taken away from spotify-free users is one of the stupidest thing y'all could've done. I hope this feature returns soon.

hola, no me aparecen los videos o cortos que suben los artistas sobre sus canciones o álbumes, revisé mis datos, la actualización, desinstalé la app, revisé el caché, el espacio de mi iphone y nada. Me sería de gran ayuda su respuesta o apoyo, por favor



Not being able to view songs in a playlist you have created yourself is above annoying.


And more so when your playlist is 40hr and you just want to sererate it into a few smaller playlist so you can actually hear certain songs, what with not being able to skip regularly. It would be easier to have smaller playlist. 

And I had premium but due to unforseen circumstances I had to quit my job and cut some costs, reluctantly spotify was one, and now I literally can't access my music, I didn't mind ads, but all these new restrictions are a bit much. 

What's even worse is the new features don't allow you to search for a song you want to listen to, oh sorry you can search it but you can't listen to it. When you try to play the song from search results it will only play a full playlist from the start, and 9.9/10 it doesn't even start with the song you searched for.

This will not attract new users, I tried free Spotify a while back and was happy, eventually signing up to premium because of free trial. But what now will happen to people who literally can't afford premium.

I may come back when my finances are better but the app is literally unusable without paying for it now, unless you want to listen to random songs because you can't choose anymore!!! 







(iPhone 11 ) 

Operating System

(iOS 16.2) 


My Question or Issue

The and more button doesn’t work on my phone at all. Doesn’t matter if I try it on albums Spotify playlists or my own it don’t work. 


Spotify REALLY ticked me off today with the whole "see your favs in this new 2022 wrapped playlist we gave you!" & I can't even access it because I don't have premium. It's like giving someone a locked box as a Christmas present & it didn't even come with a key to open it! Not being able to use basic features because I CANT AFFORD premium is so gross. I want to be able to open up playlists & listen to previews! No one likes these recent updates & Spotify is just covering their ears when we get upset about it! 

please bring back the previews. i don’t have premium and i loved previews because it helped me find new music and also remind me of what a song sounds like pls bring it back in begging

I feel that free users should be allowed to see songs in a list format on an album or playlist. This is especially annoying because its only accessible on the website. If i want to listen to a specific album, it shuffles it with other songs in the artists discography. Please change this.

My feedback is that it sucks, the preview function was really helpful when editing playlists to match whatever particular vibe I personally wanted, and the new edit layout succcccks, it look me forever to find the add more songs instead of the easy to find place it was at before. And the new interface is annoying when I just want to look at the songs in a playlist. 


It’s so annoying!! Me personally I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT I LISTEN TO!!! If someone gave me the name of a song (even one that I listen to regularly), I won’t know what they’re talking about. But as soon as they go onto their playlist and hit the preview button and listen to it, I know exactly what they’re taking about. Now it makes it impossible to know what’s in my playlists now because there’s nothing I can recognize!!! I literally can’t make playlists now without listening through HUNDREDS of songs, which 98% percent of them won’t even go into. NOBODY has the time for that.

yyeaaaah this update is kind of a direct attack against disadvantaged ppl who cant pay for premium ☹️☹️ not v cool spotify !!!!

Hello. I’m having the same issues. I was just on support with 3 different agents for 3 hours. I got told that this wasn’t an update and that there was something wrong with my account 🙂 come to find out it is an update. Please spotify we are begging YOU change it back to normal 😞 I know we don’t have premium but please! Help us freebies out 

Similar to Tik Tok or what was there for “Your missed hits” have a page where you can scroll through songs. Songs would start somewhere in the middle so you can get the general feel of the song. There would also be easy access to like the song, follow the artist, and add it to a playlist. Songs would be based on other songs you like and what is popular.

Hello, I am also having problems. I can not click or see any of my songs on my playlist or other artists songs on their playlists. I have tried logging out many times, reinstalling the app, and powering off my device as well. Nothing has solved this issue.

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