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Deprecating Preview clips

Deprecating Preview clips

Hi everyone,

The Song Previews of playlists, albums, artist, track pages and Liked Songs were recently deprecated. Preview clips will still be available on any assisted curation and the Add songs feature under Liked Songs and playlists.

Your constructive feedback on this change is important, so don't hesitate to share it here! Let us know how you think the Song Previews could have been improved in order to provide a better user experience.

Rest assured this thread is actively being monitored and your input is taken into account by the relevant teams, so feel free to submit your suggestions below.


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175 Replies

When making a playlist, under the add more section, the previews for songs are missing. It does not let you listen to the song before adding it to your playlist. This issue happened once before but stopped. And then it would only do it sometimes. Now it will not show previews at all. I am using the mobile app google play version I have spotify premium, and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail.

I'm also having this issue. I can only preview podcasts, previously listened to songs and liked songs, which are all useless to me as I already know what the songs I just listened to or liked sound like and don't listen to podcasts anyway. Please fix this asap, it's absolutely integral to creating playlists and discovering new music. 


Adding screenshots because I know they'll ask for those before they even bother to actually work on the issue. I'm also running Android 13 on Galaxy A52s and play store version 36.6.12-29. I uninstalled and redownloaded the spotify app and it did nothing and no, this issue does not exist on the desktop since this whole feature to preview suggestions never existed on desktop to begin with.


Is it just me or they disable the short clip of a song, when you click the add to playlist option in your playlist?

Guys as someone who just tried premium for a month and previously had this issue with unpaid Spotify where you can’t preview songs and you have to do the log out 2 times thing.


this is not an issue that I ever experienced with premium for that free month, and it is most likely some ploy to get people to buy premium, they haven’t fixed it, and they won’t fix it, infact the fact that it’s messed up is most likely intentional. 


Yes I have premium as well. I'm not sure but I remember the suggested music having play icons on them. The playlist was created by me too. My profile name is the same as my user name here and its public if that helps I'm also using spotify on a android device. 


there were always a play button and i could listen part of the song but now it's gone and the playlist are harder to create, is there a way to get it back?

Same thing is happening to me, premium user, can't play previews of songs in "the add to this playlist" suggestions.


I assume this is a bug in the most recent update... who would want to add new songs to a playlist before previewing them? 


Please fix!

After asking a few friends in different countries I discovered that they also can't preview the songs either. So is this issue worldwide?                                                                                                                                      This is quite bothersome and is getting out of hand. The spotify teams need to address this malfunction or real problems might start amongst their users... 

Surly spotify wouldn't like losing their consumers... "Us people that enjoyed using spotify until recently" 


Can't let spotify and the teams working there forget who's responsible for their success.

Bro just add it back. Your greed is going to be your downfall. If you push to hard, everything will topple down. I have connections and we are all angry. Please add back the feature, you have heard the feedback, so respond. I don't even like YouTube music.

I need help mines not letting me music all gone


Mine have no music anymore


I'm sade they ruin my life I love music now gone why you guys didn't even fix mine I'm crying how nice by in pain

What is the status of preview clips these days? Are they in or out? I can't seem to find the option on desktop. 

I used to have preview clips up to mid Jan of 2024, now I have no previews - they were gone in a day. Both iOS and iPadOS versions.

I had tiktok-like previews with videos on Spotify playlist.

I liked them because I could go through release radar, discovery playlists and new music playlist pretty fast and add to queue music to check out, even if I don't know the artist. I could skip the genres I don't like or remixes offered to me. I found a lot of artists with 1k-20k monthly listeners that I really enjoyed using this feature.

Why the feature were removed for me? I'm still on premium (duo, not a holder). Everything updated up to date. Would be cool to know why we have downgrades like this.

Bring back the preview list, I loved the features I would scroll and listen to the snippets and often add to my library where as now I am selecting artists that iI like when new music comes out and adding their music but potentially missing out on some great songs .....




Samsung Galaxy S23+

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Does quick preview not exist anymore? I do not see an icon next to songs in my library. 

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