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Deprecating Preview clips

Deprecating Preview clips

Hi everyone,

The Song Previews of playlists, albums, artist, track pages and Liked Songs were recently deprecated. Preview clips will still be available on any assisted curation and the Add songs feature under Liked Songs and playlists.

Your constructive feedback on this change is important, so don't hesitate to share it here! Let us know how you think the Song Previews could have been improved in order to provide a better user experience.

Rest assured this thread is actively being monitored and your input is taken into account by the relevant teams, so feel free to submit your suggestions below.


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Top Answer

Hey everyone,


We have some exciting news to share with you!


We're happy to announce that our internal teams have taken your feedback into account and reinstated the preview clips for all Free users! You should now be able to preview the tracks in your or your friends' playlists, as well as in some Spotify-created ones - just make sure you're running the latest version of Spotify.


Note that it may take some time before the latest update is pushed out to you. You may also need to log out and sign back in to your account in order for the changes to take effect. You can do that from the app's Settings > Log out.


Thanks again for making Spotify better! The Community is always here if something else comes up.

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 i rlly wish it would go back to how it used to be! i don’t like it like this at all!


I have also been having this exact problem! I have contacted Spotify support and they have said that they have removed some features to make room for more features to improve our experience. I really hope they update it soon because I agree with you it's so inconvenient!

This update is deeply upsetting. I’m having difficulty finding new music without previewing it first. Really discourages me from using the app!! But even more infuriating is that I can’t click “and more” on my friend’s playlists or even Spotify’s public playlists (top hits, rap caviar etc). Does Spotify really expect me to listen to a playlist if I can’t see what’s in it? If this is Spotify’s way of forcing me pay premium, the joke is on them because if I’m going to pay for a music streaming service I’ll just get Apple Music instead. At least they don’t take away basic features

i 1000% agree! one of my favorite parts of spotify was that my friends and i could share playlists with each other and see what was on each others playlists. now we can’t even do that and it sucks! please spotify! change things back to how things were because i’m definitely not buying premium! i’ll just go back to listening to amazon music. the only thing keeping me on spotify is that is where all of my playlists are, but stupidly enough, i can’t see everyone else’s. change this please!!!🥺

When listening to a playlist i like to then browse other playlists / artists. It would be good if there was a way of previewing a song before adding it to the playlist

The new update sucks. Why would you take away the music preview feature

  • Originally, I would be able to go to my playlist and see all of my songs and get the option to preview my songs for 30 seconds. This feature was the main reason I used spotify and it really made the app stand out to me from any other music app. But just recently, that feature was taken away and I'm actually very disappointed. Now, when I go to my playlist I'm only given the option to "edit" my playlist, or just remove songs. I also can't even preview songs on my friend's playlists as well. I enjoyed being able to review my playlist, get a 30 second preview, and get to add my songs to my "liked songs". It was also really beneficial to me when I was trying to find new music that I might like. Now I'm struggling to find new music and It really upsets me that Spotify would take away such an important feature to so many users. That feature was something I really liked and it was such a silly feature to remove from the app, there we're absolutely NO problems with it. If this doesn't get fixed, I will have no problem switching to another music streaming platform. Spotify will lose MANY users with this. 

(sorry spotify) 

heyyyyey i already made a post in this thread but 

i just want the spotify team to know that fast ones that add nothing to the app like this are the reason i will never be investing my money in a premium plan or recommending this app to anyone else !!!!!!!!!

ive been a user for a while and ive seen issues come and go over spotify changing or taking away fundamental features like previews 

the fact that things like this are still happening despite negative feedback from your users speaks volumes about either absolute idiocy of your team or the fact that you dont care about anyone not putting money in your pockets ?? i dont know which one is worse 

Was the ability to preview songs in a playlist taken away intentionally for the Free plan? Or is it just an issue I'm personally encountering?

haha, worst update i've had yet. you've outdone yourselves

As a free user it took me a very long time to learn to “deal with” ads and just put up with skipping them; but I will say this decision to prevent free users from previewing songs might be the worst possible decision to ever be made for the platform. For me at least I can safely say I’m finally able to delete this app with no regrets what a terrible way to try and get people to subscribe **bleep**. 

The bleep was a L M A O for the record. 

Please add the preview feature back, it was useful feature, and you can’t even use the feature on your own playlist, please bring the feature back, kindest regards

I think everyone will agree when I say this, but the new update is so bad. It really downsizes what a non spotify premium user can do, and while I do enjoy the fast removal button you cant even preview songs, cant see the songs album cover, and you cant view other peoples playlists on mobile. It really just makes me want to stop using spotify all together even though I don't want to because this is the only decent free music app that I can use. I am so disappointed in spotify for doing this smh.

I’m having the same issue.  I can’t open the ‘and more’ on playlists to open them up

Respectively, the change to the song previews and look of Spotify playlists or whatever is not a good change and is really annoying. I'm on a free-plan for Spotify which might affect it, but I don't think it should've been changed.

They intentionally took it away for "experimenting things", whatever that means.

Please bring back the ability to preview songs.

Whether this was an experimental update or not, it is evident that the majority of Spotify users do not like the removal of the previews and album covers. Please bring the previews back as they were very helpful when favoriting songs and adding them to other playlists.  It was also easier to know whether songs were already in other created playlists. 

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