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Deprecating Preview clips

Deprecating Preview clips

Hi everyone,

The Song Previews of playlists, albums, artist, track pages and Liked Songs were recently deprecated. Preview clips will still be available on any assisted curation and the Add songs feature under Liked Songs and playlists.

Your constructive feedback on this change is important, so don't hesitate to share it here! Let us know how you think the Song Previews could have been improved in order to provide a better user experience.

Rest assured this thread is actively being monitored and your input is taken into account by the relevant teams, so feel free to submit your suggestions below.


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Top Answer

Hey everyone,


We have some exciting news to share with you!


We're happy to announce that our internal teams have taken your feedback into account and reinstated the preview clips for all Free users! You should now be able to preview the tracks in your or your friends' playlists, as well as in some Spotify-created ones - just make sure you're running the latest version of Spotify.


Note that it may take some time before the latest update is pushed out to you. You may also need to log out and sign back in to your account in order for the changes to take effect. You can do that from the app's Settings > Log out.


Thanks again for making Spotify better! The Community is always here if something else comes up.

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I have had Spotify for years and I have never seen this problem. I can not see any of my songs or other artists songs on their playlists. Please help!


This is what I am seeing above^^

Before, you could press on the ‘and more’ button and it would show you a list of every song in the playlist with a short preview of each one, could it be added back?

Hi everyone,


Thanks for the info. Spotify has made the decision to reinstate this feature! Make sure to double check the versions of your apps one more time and reinstall if necessary. Test if everything works afterwards and let us know.


Hope this clears things up.

Kiril Moderator
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Nope, the problem is still occurring. I reinstalled the app and did a clean reinstall but nothing has fixed the problem.

Whenever I try to click on a playlist it wont allow me, aswell as my own playlists it only allows me to edit them and not play previews/ look at the cover art. I want the feature back because It allowed me to find new songs and recognize them. It also let me recognize older songs i used to listen to 

Hey @mauzy


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Would you mind sending us a short screen recording of what you're seeing on your end so we can take a closer look? You can attach it to your next response by using the Insert Video option in the post editor. You can also upload it to Google Drive and share the link with us (make sure the video has the permissions for anyone to see it).

We'll be on the lookout. 

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

 And many others have disliked the new version of Spotify. I wish we could still preview a song. It was helpful and if i didn't know what a song was called exactly, I could listen to the preview and know that its the right song. It made things a lot simpler. Now, i have to wait until the song plays and figure out if its the right song or not. Please bring this feature back, it would be very appreciated.

There isn't exactly anything to be done to improve Song Previews as it's already fine as it is (or rather, was)! I don't know if this (very good) feature was removed for Free plans only or not, but either way it's a terrible change. I don't think I need to tell you the reasons why it was a useful feature, as I'm sure you already know. But one thing I must mention is, taking away one of the main tools of exploration from one of your audiences is definitely not going its members more likely to invest in the app.

This is what I have been seeing.

I have to say this is the worst update yet.  Not only does it make the experience annoying for the listeners, but not allowing people to see what songs are featured or hear previews of new songs is bad for the company, since nobody wants to spend their time finding a playlist to listen to just based upon the names of five songs that are listed before the “and more” button that you can’t click anymore.  I’m also a visual person- I can’t remember what a song is just based on the name, I usually look for the cover art when I’m looking for a song in one of my own playlists.  You also can’t even like or dislike any songs in a playlist before you play it, which is annoying.  I miss being able to see and hear what songs are in a playlist, so I know what I’m about to listen to and figure out if I would want to even listen or not.  Deleting this feature makes it extremely difficult to find what playlists you actually want to listen to, since you can’t see what songs are even in it.  Also, the previews were very helpful for discovering new music, because you could listen to a snippet to see if you liked it before listening.  I know this is only my opinion, but I liked Spotify much much more before this update, and it’s made me think about trying a different platform to listen to music.

Also, I would like to note that I am on the free plan, and I only noticed this problem when I updated the app recently to see my Spotify Wrapped.

This link will take you to some screenshots of what I am seeing. 

Not being able to see what songs are actually in a playlist makes searching for music and playlists that fit a mood or theme IMPOSSIBLE. Even if I can’t play a specific song in free mode, I’d at least like to see the list of songs in a playlist so I know whether it fits my style and can shuffle play it or not. The way it worked before is fine (needing to shuffle play to hear a playlist but still seeing a list of a playlist’s songs and tapping one song to hear a tiny snippet of the song), I don’t know why this was changed but it makes the app unusable. I genuinely want to uninstall because of it, since desktop Spotify allows this function anyway. Please change it back!







motorola 5g



My Question or Issue

it no longer lefs me preview songs in playlists ive made. the only option is to remove them and i cant even add them to other playlists anymore?? this wasnt an issue until recently. please fix this 

Hey @mauzy,


Thanks for getting back to us! 


We'd appreciate it if you share the make, model, OS version and Spotify version of the device you're using. This way we can investigate this further. 

We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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This update was really inconvenient snd I wish there was an option to preview songs in albums. Not only that, but previewing songs you search up too would be a lot easier. I find this deprecation inconvenient.

I am trying to open a friends playlist and add songs that i like to mine but the only way i can view the songs is by playing them. I also can’t preview the songs on any playlist including mine only remove them.

When you click on your playlist contents to see the songs you have added on your playlist, they took away the option where you can see the album cover of the song and when they gave you a short clip of the song. They should bring that back. 

When editing a playlist the display used to be very simple, and you could see all the information you wanted/needed in one spot. With the recent updates editing a playlist has become very tedious and a lot of the changes make the experience worse than it needs to be. Upon opening a playlist the only things you see are the song title and the option to remove the song. Here are some ways the new playlist display is a hindrance.


1.) You can no longer like a song when opening the playlist. (For non-premium users, you will now have to wait for a song to play so you can add it to your liked songs.

2.) You can no longer see the song cover when opening the playlist. (For someone like me who listens to music in various languages sometimes the only way I know how to identify a song was by looking at the cover.)

3.) You can no longer view the artist when opening a playlist. (Now when I hear a song I like, I can't go and view the creator's profile. This highly impacts my music discovery.)

4.) You can no longer preview a song when opening playlist. (Previewing songs in a playlist was a very important factor, if I didn't recognize a song I could just preview it, If I wanted to ensure a song fit into a playlist I could just preview it.)


Overall its just a very unnecessary change that didn't need to happen. Many people withold on updating the app just to avoid this but it seems they want to force it upon us now. This update is a pain, if they don't change it I'll just change platforms.

Idk about anyone else but today was a magical day. Previews reappeared on my playlists and I’m able to click on and more again! Thank you!!!!

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