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[Desktop] Content not centred on ultra-wide screens

[Desktop] Content not centred on ultra-wide screens


Desktop PC


Operating System

Ubuntu 20.04 (probably same issue on Windows too)


Application Version



My Question or Issue

Since the latest update content of all pages is left-aligned and not centred as it was before. Makes for a very uncomfortable user experience on ultra-wide monitors. Here are a couple examples:


Screenshot from 2021-05-04 12-24-51.png

Screenshot from 2021-05-04 12-29-51.png


Yet again I don't understand who at Spotify assumed that anyone using the app asked for the UI to be changed so much when it was already perfectly fine. I'm guessing it was some manager who felt the need to remind of their presence post COVID.


The rounded corners are horrible (also notice how "Top tech podcasts" have rounded corners and everything else doesn't), the colours are worse and layout is broken. I suggest you buy an ultra-wide monitor for the grad that made this so that they can at least test on different screen sizes and resolutions. Also, anyone whose job is a "UI designer" should know that literally no-one uses #000000 as the background colour nowadays and it's usually at least #222222 to make it easier on the eyes but, hey, who are we to even recommend anything to people like that.



It shouldn't really come as a surprise because I literally spent almost half an hour trying to find how to submit a new topic on your forums. It must be the worst UX out of all I've ever seen in my life (and that comes from a web developer).

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A quick note for everyone else on Ubuntu wanting to revert to an older version. For some reason Spotify are deleting most of them but you can still get the 1.1.26 from February 2020 here from their official Ubuntu repository:

To install it just download the file, run `apt remove spotify-client`, double click on the file you downloaded, install it and after run `sudo apt-mark hold spotify-client` from your terminal to make sure you don't get it automatically updated to the latest version again.

Thanks, Spotify, for forcing your users jump through the hoops just so that we can use a service that we pay quite a bit of money for each month.

The new update is horrendous, I can't even use Cntrl+A

I'm about to scratch my eyes out. Spotify keeps ruinings things

Hey @MrMorpheus,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


We don't offer official support for Linux, but you can find help and share your suggestions to fellow Linux users here.


@Peachi, we're sorry to hear you feel this way. Since what you mention is different than the original issue of this thread, we suggest to post on the relevant Help board and we'll happily give you a hand.


If you want to give feedback about the New Desktop app, we invite to head to this thread. The team in charge is constantly monitoring it and collecting all your feedback, as it helps us improve the app and the overall experience. They also share updates there, so you can Subscribe to it to be on top of any news about it.


We'll be right here in case you have any questions.



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