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[Desktop][Playlists] Why did the album covers disappear from playlists view?

[Desktop][Playlists] Why did the album covers disappear from playlists view?

There was an update to the Spotify computer app. Before I could view playlists and see the album cover for every song in it (and not just the first 4 that spotify makes as the playlist picture). This helped me, a more visual person, quickly scan and remember songs by their picture. 

Now this is gone, there are only details left and nothing more, which makes viewing playlists boring and also harder to organize and remember.

Is there an option to bring this feature back?

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I think that they removed the playlist automatic covers in the last updates. At least I lost all my playlist covers too. The new Spotify client is utterly horrendous, we really need an alternative player soon.

In the screenshot you can see how all my playlists looks with their new hideous design.

Screenshot 2021-10-25 21-53-00.jpg

Hi folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


This is intended behaviour so that large libraries can load faster. The album covers should load after some time. You can try scrolling up and down the page to refresh it.


If that's not working, we'd recommend running a clean reinstall of the app, following this Guide.


Hope this helps. Don't heistate to reach out again if you have questions.

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Really? This mess is really intended? It's impossible not to hate the spotify desktop application. It's one of the worst pieces of software I knew in the last 30 years.

Is there any alternative application to play Spotify API? So we can continue using the paid service without the official client? I would gladly uninstall spotify client forever and use an alternative.

Yesterday I spent hours clicking on hundreds of playlists to recover the covers, today all covers disappeared again. I really don't want to continue using this trash anymore.

I just uninstalled the Spotify client, and deleted everything related to it on program data, appdata, regedit, everything. Then I reinstalled it and when I launched the covers appeared for about 2 seconds and then all the covers disappeared again.

Spotify is a total trash!

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