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[Desktop][Podcasts] Spotify podcasts very glitchy

[Desktop][Podcasts] Spotify podcasts very glitchy

I have been using spotify on my windows 10 laptop for over a year and had no issues with music playback at all. i have recently switched to spotify to watch the JRE podcast but I am finding this very poor. The video display is terrible and constantly freezes and pauses. The audio for the podcast is also effected as it is constantly breaking up and pausing for a few seconds every couple of seconds. The experience of the podcast on spotify is more poorer than it was on youtube. I find the audio with play for 10 seconds then it will pause and jump to catch up after being frozen for 3 seconds. Any solutions to how this can be improved on my end would be appreciatead. I feel the spotify application is not desinged to be capeable of handling such large video files as well as the audio files. Podcasts were much better on youtube where the quality is higher 

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