Discover Weekly doesn't fit my tastes


Discover Weekly doesn't fit my tastes

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I was a big Discover Weekly fan once. There was a time when I would play some ambient noise playlist for helping me to get asleep, as I had quite noisy neighbours back then. The thing is that after a while from starting to use that amb. noise playlist my discover weekly playlist started to include that kind of zen and meditation music too, I thought it was quite normal due to my intense use of the playlist as I told you already. But when I quit from using that playlist for my sleep and stopped listening to any music of that genre (at all) my discover weekly playlist still recommended me that kind of music fully, to the point that not any other genre wasn't included in the playlist, and I assure you I listen to lots of other kinds of music. It's been months since I quit listening to the ambient music for sleeping, still got that problem. Is there any way of reseting the discover weekly algorythm or erasing any trace of the amb. music I listened to or anything? I would really appreciate any advice, for I loved to get new music from that playlist. 

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Re: Discover Weekly doesn't fit my tastes


Hi @user-removed,


Thanks for your question and for posting it in the Spotify Community.


As part of your Made For You playlists, Discover Weekly should specifically update every Monday. 


If you have access to your Spotify account across different devices, try and play music while switching among the devices for at least one week to see if this helps the playlist successfully update.


Also make sure you're not using Spotify while in Private listening mode since the related listening data won't be taken into account for the playlist weekly update.


If none of these work, you can reach out to our support team by checking the section 'Write to us' at the bottom of this article.


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if we can help any further with this or anything else!

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