Duo mix playlist doesn't upload


Duo mix playlist doesn't upload


Hi! I first wanted to say that I'm really satisfied with the service you're providing. I'm using Premium Duo with my boyfriend since last year, and I haven't had any complaints so far. 5/5.

The reason I'm writing is to inform and hopefully solve an issue involving the Duo Mix playslist. The one I have on my account works prefectly. I get a weekly new mix considering everything my boyfriend and I heard over the week. The problem ist that my boyfriend's Duo Playlist hasn't changed at all since a reeeally long time, maybe three moths.

We thought it would do it eventually if we kept listening songs and new artists, but nothing happend yet, all his songs are still the same.

I really hope there is a solution to this issue, since everything else works perfect.


Ps. Sorry if this sounds wierd, not my language :c