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Duplicated albums

Duplicated albums


I've recently noticed that there are duplicated of some of Evermore albums: the ones in my library do not match to the ones on Evermore page
It probably wouldn't bother me much if likes were transferred to new albums and song names in album Dreams weren't misspelled (dreaming, part 1/2 instead of Dreaming, pt. 1/2)

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Hello Tsyren,

I'm not Spotify support but I believe the reason being that there are two albums as you said is because when most initial albums are released with explicit tag songs in the album it takes a while for them to be set. So the album is then re-released with the explicit tag on those songs. You may have added songs from the original album on its release but a second updated one exists. It's up to you if you want to add the whole album again so when you shuffle play it's more likely to play or not worry about it since it won't affect the date you originally added tracks.

This is just my assumption with 8 years of using Spotify.
(As for the names of songs I'm sure that's how the artist set them as. If you don't like it you can change its name if you have the MP3 version on your computer then add it from local files to a playlist.)
Hope this helped.

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