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Editing Saved Albums

Editing Saved Albums

I'm a new Premium user trying to decide if Spotify works for me.  I just saved an album to my library as a test.  It has several annoying bonus tracks on it.  I only wanted the tracks that on the album as originally intended.  How do I remove the bonus tracks or at least keep them from playing?  This will be a deal breaker if I can't do it.  Thanks. tjb

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Hey @KingWeenis, thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Can you let me know what you mean by bonus tracks— are you able to send me a screenshot so I can take a closer look? 


Just in case, try a clean reinstall of the app and see if that makes a difference.


Keep me posted!

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Thanks for the reply.  When CDs became the next thing they began to reissue popular albums on CD, but the record companies thought it would be a good idea to add bonus tracks.  This was fine for compilations, but they did it to original albums too.  I feel that generally the original album that was issued was the complete and final work in the artist's mind.  The bonus tracks were added by marketers.  They even went so far in some cases as adding interviews as bonus tracks - not what you want to hear mixed in with your music.

A specific example would be King Crimson's In the Court of the Crimson King.  The original vinyl had 8 tracks.  What's available now is termed expanded and remastered, and it has 3 additional tracks (radio, duo, and live versions of some of the original 8).  What I want is the original albums as presented by the artists.  I don't see that available on Spotify, but deleting the three bogus tracks would achieve the same end.  Is that feasible?

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