Fake Reports on my playlists since 2+ years and support keeps ditching me

Fake Reports on my playlists since 2+ years and support keeps ditching me

hi everyone. 
I have a bunch of playlists in which I put some of my favorite music and they keep getting reported with bots for "offensive/inappropriate content" and hidden from the search tab.

In 2 years I've received more than TWO HUNDRED reports and I've reached out to the support countless times. Every time they tell me there's nothing they can do about it but that they filed a report "to the right team that will be in touch with further steps to take".

Nothing happens, no one gets in touch; more reports keep happening daily. 

90% of those the transcript of the chat magically got lost. 


What the **bleep** is this? Why is Spotify not taking action against this problem? 

Canceled the premium subscription and won't re-activate it 'till this bulls*it will be solved.

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Hey @TheVibeSniffer,

We're sorry to see you've been affected by this. You're not the only one.
We have a current Live Idea about a fix - you may leave your vote in support of it.
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We thank you for your patience & understanding.

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Hi @Vasil!

Thanks for your reply, wasn't aware of that. Quite sad to see that the idea is ongoing since 1+ years (for a problem that affects the platform since 2+ years) and yet still nothing has been done.. hope to see it solved soon.

Solution that seems to have finally worked for me: contact app support EVERY time you are reported, explain what is happening and ask for your problem to be escalated to the highest possible level until they tell you they have contacted the department playlists (unfortunately app support is not the right place to ask but if nothing else they respond live!); at the same time, continue to respond to each takedown notification with ONE reply per email, explaining that it is a fake report.

After 4 weeks of fighting I got this email:

We're reaching out following your recent inquiry around reports on your playlist.
Upon further review, we have prevented this issue from happening to this playlist again. Please note, if you change the image or title of the provided playlist this protection may be lost.
Spotify "

The email is almost 2 weeks old and as of now the playlist seems safe.

A big thank you to Spotify for finally stepping in.

And a big hug to the low IQ person who has been trying to take my playlist down for almost 3 years! It's been fun ❤️

**bleep** yeah, glad to hear that!  I will do the same.  Someone has been taking down my playlist as it's gotten more popular (almost 10,000 likes), and it's super frustrating.  It's a just a damned "soft rock" playlist, lol!  I assumed the e-mail was unmonitored, but I will reply from now on.  Thanks for providing some hope.  Sounds like they gimped together a solution for you, maybe they can put one together for me too.

Vasil, that "Live Idea" is almost 3 years old.  What is being done to address this issue?  Just on the surface, it's a terrible customer experience.  I'm not some "playlist pro", I'm just a music fan with a favorite playlist I made for myself, that somehow resonated with a bunch of other people too and has almost 10,000 likes.  Someone out there doesn't like that for some reason, and keeps getting the title and description taken down every day, which I then restore, every day.  I'm sick of it, this kind of reporting abuse shouldn't be allowed.  What is being done to address it?

Vibe, I wanted to let you know that I did as you suggested, and after the second e-mail, my playlist has stayed up and Spotify Support contacted me with the identical e-mail you got, so apparently this is the answer for now.  Thanks for the great suggestion!

200 in 2 years sounds good going, I have a playlist that has been reported over 400 times in just over two months. Even if the title is ‘My Playlist’ no description or image the reports keep coming. I have a few thousand likes and don’t want to lose but will be cancelling subscription also and trying Apple instead. Much the same (none) response from Spotify. Such a shame.

i have received that email (your playlist is now protected) 3 times. The first 2 times my playlist was taken down within 1 hour.

Yesterday i received the 3rd email and my playlist was taken down in less than 24h and i did not change the image nor the description.

It's absolutely insane.

the only option I see is going full Karen mode with all kind of supports included the email that told you the playlist was protected.. that's insane indeed.

I'm in the same situation, around 300 times in the last 2 months. 

30 times only last Saturday. 7 times so far today.

Received 3 times an email from support saying my playlist was protected and the 3 times my playlist was taken down the same day.

It is obviously somebody with a similar niche playlist trying to take me out of the equation.

Sending Spotify an email every time the playlist is taken down and nothing.


I'm still having this issue as well. There is a Corporate email which I am going to use if this still continues. There are also other internal contacts in Spotify who I will reach out to. I'm glad your issue has been resolved.

My playlist is still getting reported falsely everyday. Over 400 times now for the last 2-3 months.

I feel helpless, Spotify support is a big joke. 

I'm stopping my subscription.

The bad guys have won.


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