False copyright claim for artist name


False copyright claim for artist name




I'm an artist on spotify. An artist with the same name has filled a copyright claim on the artist name and has taken all of my music offline. I just released a record two weeks ago so I'm panicking.  He is unresponsive through email. My distributor TuneCore has just said it's between myself and the other artist. Spotify obvioulsy is practicing a giulty until prooven innocent policy. I've submitted my claim 10 days ago and have heard nothing back from them.  

Theres nothing stopping two artist having the same name on Spotify, so why has this other artist been able to take all my music offline. Any one have any ideas what my next steps should be??


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Gig Goer

I have had this happen to me with a song title before however we were able to contact the person who made the claim. I believe this is done at the distribution stage as that was how we got his email. Ie his distributor has sent him something saying something along the lines of this song has been released do you want it to be removed or contact the other party. We are lucky he chose the latter and said he listened to the song and it wasn't similar.


Seems like you have fallen unlucky with someone who might be bitter about someone having the same name as them. I would phone/message Tunecore if I were you but unfortunately it is quite a difficult issue. Unluckily it will usually happen around the time of a release. It may also be worth looking up spotify artist separation.


Hope this helps, Sorry to hear about this.





Re: False copyright claim for artist name


Actually, normally you should be contacted by the artist/management or lawyer up front giving you time to make the changes yourself. Most cases, especially if American, they can file for a trademark on their name and logos and then you'd basically have to remove your music from the listed territories. It's unfortunate and I've had it happen to one of our artists - however, we were contacted by the lawyer and had x-amount of time to comply - meaning we had to redeliver every single track under a new artist name. 


Having the music removed from Spotify is not Spotify's fault. I'm guessing your distribution was contacted with a cese and disist and basically just decided to cease straight away. I'm guessing this is TuneCore - so stra,ge they didn't let you know.





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We have just had all of our music taken down from Spotify with no warnings or notifications from anyone. According to the Spotify help desk it is due to a copyright claim but they will not tell me regarding what, (artist name, song……) the only advice they offer is to contact our distributor, so in our case Distrokid. We have sent Distrokid a help request but nothing has come back yet. We are set to release our new single in two days so we are now in full panic mode.

Just thought I would reach out to see how or if you solved your situation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.