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Feedback on sharing the "Your Top Songs 2022" playlist

Feedback on sharing the "Your Top Songs 2022" playlist

Hey there,


Thanks for continuing to help us improve the Wrapped experience every year by sharing your valuable feedback.


Let's get this thread going by posting your constructive feedback on the sharing of the "Your Top Songs 2022" playlist. This'll directly help us make Wrapped better next year.


Here is a link with an article on how to share the playlist now.


Post away and cheers!

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77 Replies

You had a year to fix this, still nope

Wow you did it again. Why would you make it impossible to share your top 100 easily, this is absurd. Also, and this hasn't been fixed since I reported it last year, if you share your Wrapped playlist in Slack you see a completely random person's playlist. Clownish.






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My Question or Issue

I'm seeing some strange behavior when pasting the playlist link into different apps and sites.


When I paste the link into a browser window, it takes me to the correct playlist.

When I paste the same link into a Slack chat message, the preview it pulls up has completely different songs than what I'm seeing in the desktop app.


When sharing 'Your Top Songs 2022' playlist via WhatsApp, it opens the recipients' 2022 top songs playlist.

This is an idiotic change, although lately I expect nothing less from Spotify.  Removing folder shuffling, breaking group sessions, now this... WHYYYY?

Still broken, going on year 2. I miss the years where my friends and I were able to easily share our Top 100 playlist.

This is a terrible solution/workaround, the only fun part of wrapped is sharing the playlist with your friends.

How in anyone's logic does it make sense that if you "Share this playlist" it doesn't actually share that playlist?  
Im so happy that I also have Apple Music and I don't have to deal with this kind of stupidity there.  


Uuf, I sincerely hope the wrapped playlist gets fixed next year, to be more easily sharable (and if it's intended to be more difficult to share the Wrapped playlist I kind of wonder what the motivation behind that is, but I assume it's just some technical difficulties). I am also a bit puzzled by the relatively tiny amount of people who seem to be sharing their playlists with the workaround (might be some selection bias on my part though).


This feels like an intentional, albeit really clumsy, attempt to push adoption of the "Blend" functionality.

There is no such thing as  2022 Wrapped: Blend, at least not where this post specifies (Android 13).

Apparently the **bleep** who decided this was a good idea is still trying to force it.

It is such a massive L that they didn’t change it this year. I used to be able to share and listen to 20+ friends and family’s playlists with just a text message. Seriously inconvenient to get people to sit down and open the app on a device they rarely use it on to copy and paste 100 songs to a new playlist.

Nobody I know shares wrapped playlists anymore either. It’s a huge bummer. 

dude why can't I just download the playlist and share it? we used to be able to do this. something changed. moderate that. 

I'll be real, having to get the phone version to get the Wrapped and having to download the desktop version to share it is not  good design.


I work for a software company in a customer success manager role and listening to your customers, in a balanced way of course, is core to customer retention and growth.  When a playlist, that involves a massive amount of social media PR and would absolutely increase playing hours, can't be shared this is a fundamental misstep.  I'm sure all your playlists have a UUID linked to them which is probably unique to not only the user's account but unique to the Spotify world so pls, pls, pls Spotify help all our Christmases come true and give us the option to share the love that naturally comes from our own personal playlist to all our friends, family and most importantly annoy the **bleep** out of our social media followers.  Don't be the Grinch!!!

and while we're on the subject-- social features like Wrapped and Blend are some of the best parts of spotify. i don't know why blends are so hard to make, list and search, it's going to kill the feature

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