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Fullscreen Canvas

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since the last Update you can’t switch the canvas to fullscreen mode with a tap.

I liked the canvas in fullscreen a lot so please add it back in, tap to get to the normal song image is just boring and the player buttons are in front of the canvas and this isn’t really nice to see either...

Btw I know this was taken out like 2 months ago,then added back in and now it’s gone again, please just let us see the canvas in fullscreen or at least give us the option if you want to tap to see the picture or tap to see fullscreen canvas without the player buttons!

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Hey there @FatCheese.


I hope that you are keeping well, in order to get your feedback to the right folks at Spotify I'd recommend that leave some feedback over on the idea here alongside give it a +VOTE in order for the right folks to see this. 




The above problem is still on my Spotify account (UK). I love the canvas feature and really don't understand why I cannot view it fullscreen when it goes to the album cover; pretty boring to look at an album cover rather than a video loop if you ask me.


So, Spotify... PLEASE PLEASE add a feature on the settings tab where you can turn on and off viewing canvases in full screen!!